Disciplinary Procedures Sample Clauses

Disciplinary Procedures. The employing authority should ensure that all employees are aware of the disciplinary rules and procedures that apply. All employees should also be aware to whom they can apply if they are dissatisfied with any disciplinary decision. These procedures should accord with legal requirements and with the ACAS Code of Practice and guidance.
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Disciplinary Procedures. Section 1 All disciplinary actions shall be handled in a fair manner and shall be consistent with the infractions for which disciplinary action is being taken.
Disciplinary Procedures. 16.1 The Employer shall have the right to impose disciplinary actions on employees for just cause.
Disciplinary Procedures. 10.1 Please describe your disciplinary procedures in the event of a security breach involving Client Data.
Disciplinary Procedures. 18.1 An immediate supervisor may verbally reprimand an employee. The immediate supervisor may make a notation in the supervisor's notebook regarding the verbal reprimand. Written reprimands may be issued by supervisors (lieutenants and higher) subject to the Sheriff's approval. Copies of written reprimands, suspensions, demotions or discharge notices shall be sent to the Union at the time said notices are given to an employee.
Disciplinary Procedures. 36-1 Neither the District nor the Association will discriminate against any member of the bargaining unit because of membership or non-membership in the Association or participation or non-participation in any of the Association’s activities.
Disciplinary Procedures. 26.1 The Corporation expects reasonable standards of performance and conduct from its employees. Details of the Corporation’s Procedures can be found at [INSERT LOCATION] together with the Staff Code of Conduct.
Disciplinary Procedures. A. Any employee who refuses to submit to a drug test or whose confirmation drug test is found to be positive is subject to disciplinary action. Such disciplinary action is subject to the grievance procedures provided for through Article 9 of this Agreement and the Civil Service and Personnel Rules and Regulations.
Disciplinary Procedures. A. All disciplinary actions shall be applied in fair manner and shall be commensurate with the infraction for which disciplinary action is taken.
Disciplinary Procedures. 19.3.1 Informal meetings between the University and faculty regarding workplace issues are encouraged.