Apprentice Sample Clauses

Apprentice. Individual employed for the purpose of learning all the details, and developing manual skill for performing, after a stated number of years training, all the duties of Journeyman as commonly accepted in the trade.
Apprentice. An apprentice is an em­ ployee who is in training to become a Jour­ xxxxxx Meat Cutter. Apprentices must be at least sixteen (16) years of age. Apprentices may be employed at a ratio of not exceeding three (3) for each seven (7) Journeymen employed by the Employer within the jurisdiction of the Local. A quar­ terly report covering the number of Appren­ tices employed in relationship to the number of Journeymen shall be furnished the Union. The Employer agrees to rotate all Appren­ tices in his markets so as to give them suffi­ cient, well-rounded experience to qualify them as Journeymen at the end of the three
Apprentice attendance and study time;
Apprentice. This initiation fee may be waived by the Union if an employer is able to entice an individual worker from a non-union contractor.
Apprentice. Six (6) to Ten (10) Mechanics Two (2) Apprentices
Apprentice. The above Apprentice ratio may be increased only on mutual agreement between the Parties to this Agreement and the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Labour of British Columbia.
Apprentice. Print name: Signature: Date: Parent / Guardian (if Apprentice is under 18): Print name: Signature: Date: EMPLOYER‌ Signatures confirm that you agree with the content of the Learning Agreement and Commitment Statement and further references to the appropriate ESFA Funding Rules May 2017 to March 2018. EMPLOYER DECLARATION Please tick the appropriate statement and complete form as required. Significant new knowledge and skills are required in their current job role: Apprentice is commencing or in a new job role: New job role title: New job role start date: I confirm that I will support the apprentice throughout their time training as outlined in both the Terms and Conditions and Apprenticeship Agreement and that the information provided here is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Employer Representative: Print name: Signature: Date: Parenta Representative: Print name: Signature: Date: Working together for our children 0000 000 0000 Parenta, 0-0 Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxx, XX00 0XX, Reg No 05249690
Apprentice. Section A - Personal Details 3 Section B - Current Employment 3 Section C - Work History 4 Section D - Schools / Colleges Attended 4 Section E - Personal Statement 5 Section F - Equality and Diversity 5 Section G - Verification of Identity 7 Section H - Eligibility Checks 7 Section I - Additional Information 8 Section K - Privacy Statement 8 EMPLOYER Section A - Employer Preferences 10 EMPLOYER & APPRENTICE Commitment Statement, Terms and Conditions and Learning Agreement 11 The Apprentice 11 The Prime Funder 12 Parenta’s Agreement 13 The Employer 13 Eligible Off-the-Job Activities 16 Apprentice Declaration 18 Employer Declaration 19 Please work your way through this form, completing everything you can, before returning it to your training advisor.‌‌ Please state the course you are applying for in the box below:
Apprentice. In order to maintain a sufficient number of skilled carpenters in the industry covered by this Agreement, the necessity for employment of as many apprentices as is reasonable and practical shall be encouraged and undertaken by both the Employer and the Union.
Apprentice. 6.3.2 This shall not preclude an Employer from hiring or paying employees at a scale in excess of the aforementioned brackets.