Working methods Sample Clauses

Working methods. 1. Any exchange of information between Europol and the liaison officer shall only take place in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.
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Working methods. Soundings are to be done using Automated Hydrographic Survey logging System of any accredited/ IHO approved hydrographic survey software. Digital echo sounder (having accuracy of not less than 0.1 m) shall be used for sounding purpose and Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) / RTKS DGPS (having not less than sub-metre accuracy) shall be used for position fixing. These surveys shall only be carried out if weather and river conditions, condition of equipment and methods of execution and interpretation are, in the opinion of the Engineer, satisfactory for this purpose. The Engineer's Representative may resolve to check echo soundings by means of other methods to measure water depths, such as sounding poles, bar check or lead lines. The Engineers Representative may also order calibration checks of the equipment as and when considered necessary. The Contractor shall cooperate in this respect and supply any manpower, boats and equipment that may be reasonably required for this verification. The Current velocity at every shoal (i.e. at least 3 locations, Starting / Middle / End of the survey area) at 1 m depth from the surface and 1 m above bed level shall be carried out once during the survey period. The Float Observation at every shoal (i.e. 3 tracks are to be observed, one on both the side and one at middle of the channel of the survey area) shall be carried out once during the survey period. Water and Bottom samples are to be collected at two locations (one at the Downstream and other at Upstream of the shoal area) and get it tested for finding the characteristics of the soil and the water.
Working methods. 4.1 All Members will act in accordance with these Community Partnership Terms of Reference and commit to working in the following way (i.e. the “Agreed Ways of Working”): • Being open and actively engaging; • Making things happen; • Adopting a consensus-based decision-making process for all decisions; • Committing to listening and valuing the opinions of others – including those with whom the Members may disagree; • Being positive about working with others; • Encouraging mutual learning and continuous improvement through establishing appropriate ‘space’ and process for reflections; and • Ensuring inclusivity ensuring all people regardless of background have the opportunity to contribute and participate fully to the work of the agreed activities
Working methods. Party B works full-time in Party A, the working hours refer to Party B's personnel system; the place of work is Lishui; Party B can no longer concurrently serve as COO of other listed companies outside the Forsen system(Except New Third Board Company).
Working methods. 4.1. Each Party will designate a contact person for providing overall direction for the implementation of this Agreement.
Working methods. 6.1 The Joint Partnership Working Group will report to the Director General of Health.
Working methods. 40.1 Any variation, modification or alteration of any Location, Feature, building, plant, equipment, furniture or fitting for which the Contractor is responsible under the Contract in the process of undertaking the Works will only be with the prior written consent of the Supervising Officer.
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Working methods. 4.1 The Party adopting a Recommendation/Deliverable (hereinafter "Material") by incorporating the Material into a document shall be referred to herein as the Adopting Party. The Party originating the Material incorporated by the Adopting Party shall be referred to herein as the Originating Party.
Working methods. The parties agree and declare that their working methods and ethos will reflect their desire to show mutual trust and respect to each other and they will consult each other on all major decisions concerning the Project prior to final decisions and actions being taken, allowing reasonable time for discussion to take place and agreements to be made. These matters include but are not limited to: the Project content, creative and financial decisions, Project timeline, marketing, branding and publicity, promoting of the Project and liaison with partner organisations.
Working methods. Technical environment and requirements The GSA website is currently hosted externally and provided for under a separate contract, however the contractor must be ready to migrate the sites to new servers if needed/as requested (either externally or possibly within the EU’s data centre (DIGIT). The GSA website is currently managed with the content management system (CMS) Drupal, but for future developments the use of the GSA's web content management system will be considered on a case by case basis. All web developments should use the GSA’s standard IT technical tools as well as be in line with the Inter Institutional Style Guide. Both sites shall operate upon this CMS and will depend upon a relational database system (RDBMS) that conforms to international SQL:2008 standard, initially MySQL. The site is being developed using the international Java standards JSR-168 and JSR-286 and this will allow the GSA sites to act as, and be built using, portlets. This facility enables greater flexibility, allows for easier management of the sites’ user interface elements and enables the use of other third-party portlets to enrich the overall sites. The contractor is expected to be able to develop new portlets for the site as requested by the GSA using the Java standards mentioned. The hosting service is sourced separately and will confirm to uptime and downtime requirements as laid out by the GSA. The contractor is expected to be able to run tests and provide documentation to show how any downtime has affected the overall availability of the site. Additionally, test results and documentation will be needed to be able to show that any unexpected downtime was caused by the hosting service or by the contractor. The contractor will carry out work either:
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