Final Decisions Sample Clauses

Final Decisions. The Contracting Officer will issue a final decision as required by 33.211 if—
Final Decisions. Participant understands and agrees that the time, manner and method of selecting the State Representative of the State Program and the awarding and supervision of the State Program scholarships shall be within the sole discretion of the State Program, subject to the State Program’s agreements with the Program’s National Office. Participant understands that the decision of the persons designated to determine the winners of the various events and any and all matters pertaining to the selection of the winners of the Programs shall be final and non-contestable.
Final Decisions. If no satisfactory solution is reached at the meeting provided for in Article 20.4.2 above, the Vice-President, Academic and Xxxxxxx, shall advise the Member in writing of the final decision and the reasons therefore. This notice shall be provided to the Member in the same manner as described in Article 20.4.2 within twenty (20) days of the meeting provided for in Article 20.4.2 above.
Final Decisions. Reclamation and DWR will carefully consider input from the PWAs, USFWS, NMFS, CDFW, and others through the outreach and NEPA process, but Reclamation and DWR retain the final decision on the Proposed Action. Similarly, NMFS and USFWS retain the final decision on all BiOp content and conclusions.
Final Decisions. In case of doubt or uncertainty by any outside person or group about the application or interpretation of these regulations the church representative shall decide the matter and all individuals and groups shall abide by that decision or forfeit immediately the use of any part of the facility.
Final Decisions. If the Executive Officers are unable to reach consensus on any such matter during such (10) Business Day period, then the Executive Officer of Aura shall have the right to make the final decision; provided that the Executive Officer of Clearside must consent to any final decision in connection with any disputed matter that would require or result in a change to Clearside’s Suprachoroidal Microneedle Technology.
Final Decisions. All decisions of the Arbitration Panel shall be final, conclusive and binding on all parties and shall not be subject to judicial review.
Final Decisions. The amendments made by the first section of this Act [enacting this section] shall not affect any final decision made by a court or the Patent and Trademark Office before the date of enact- ment of this Act [Nov. 15, 1990] with respect to a patent or an application for a patent, if no appeal from such decision is pending and the time for filing an appeal has expired.
Final Decisions. Final decisions by the Superintendent or designee on all transfers will be announced by the Human Resources Department. A unit member, upon request, shall be provided with a written statement setting forth the reasons for the transfer.