Liaison Officer definition

Liaison Officer means a local representative of the temporary workforce, duly appointed through the PSC processes, to act on behalf of the workers and through whom all matters pertaining to the temporary workforce can be channelled.

Examples of Liaison Officer in a sentence

  • The Company has appointed the Company Secretary to serve as its ASX Liaison Officer.

  • Ms Damaris Kiewiets, Community Liaison Officer of the Community Engagement Unit, University of the Western Cape, interview with IRM researcher, 7 September 2017.

  • She completed the Family Liaison Officer Training Course before starting work at the WSU.The administrator is a business and finance graduate who has previously worked in the private sector and on a voluntary basis with several youth groups.

  • If the Police Liaison Officer, a County Council or District Council Member is in attendance they will be given the opportunity to raise any relevant matter.

  • Accreditation Steering CommitteePurpose: To coordinate the Compton College accreditation activities The Steering Committee will be composed of the President/CEO, Vice Presidents, Accreditation Liaison Officer, Accreditation Faculty Coordinator, standard team leaders, a representative from Institutional Effectiveness, and other interested individuals.

More Definitions of Liaison Officer

Liaison Officer means a member of the command staff responsible for coordinating with representatives from cooperating and assisting agencies.
Liaison Officer. You will need to appoint a liaison officer (Liaison Officer) as the primary contact for all matters in relation to the Software, our Services (where applicable) and all related matters. The Liaison Officer must have appropriate skills, experience and authority to enable him or her to satisfy his or her responsibilities under this agreement and be available for consultation with us at all reasonable times during Business Hours. You will promptly notify us if your Liaison Officer is being replaced.
Liaison Officer an employee whose primary and principal duties are, through contact with business, industry and other various government agencies, the promotion, organization and development of customized and special programs throughout the College Region and for all purposes shall be considered a non-instructional employee.
Liaison Officer means the DBE Liaison Officer appointed by the County Administrator pursuant to the Policy. The name, address, and telephone number of the Liaison Officer is listed under Section 26.25 of this document.
Liaison Officer means the person specified by name or position in Item B or any substitute notified in writing by the Department to the Organisation;
Liaison Officer means the Director, Labour Relations, the Associate Director, Labour Relations or their delegates, who alone are empowered to deal with any problems relating to labour relations, discussions or negotiations and agreements with the Union. Les parties : désigne l’Université et le Syndicat. The Parties: means the University and the Union. Représentant syndical : désigne une personne externe qui travaille pour le Syndicat.