Visual Inspection Sample Clauses

Visual Inspection. At delivery or pick-up of a Vehicle, our representative will conduct a “walk around” visual inspection of the exterior of the Vehicle with you to confirm that there is no visible damage to the Vehicle at the time you take possession of such Vehicle. Upon return we will do the same with you. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of the Vehicle or any damage to the Vehicle beyond normal wear and tear, in each case, occurring from the time of delivery or pick-up of the Vehicle until the time that it is returned to us and is accepted by our representative in undamaged condition.
Visual Inspection. The Authorized City Official may perform visual inspections of the Telecommunications System, Facilities, Franchisee Poles and/or related equipment located in the Right-of-Way as the Authorized City Official deems appropriate without notice. If the inspection requires physical contact with the Telecommunications System and/or Facilities, the Authorized City Official shall provide written notice to the Franchisee within five (5) business days of the planned inspection. Franchisee may have a representative present during such inspection. No inspection, delay or failure to inspect, or failure to discover any defect or noncompliance by City, shall relieve Franchisee of any of its obligations or duties under this Agreement. This Section 7.12 shall not be construed as a duty to inspect.
Visual Inspection. Subject to the requirements of the employer on-site Visual Inspection shall include and not be limited to: • Inspection of all metal fabrications, piping and coating applied thereto. • Inspection of all plastics and fiberglass fabrication and piping are included. VISUAL INSPECTORS: Rates of pay: (these rates are for Visual Inspection with the relevant certification)
Visual Inspection. Within ten (10) Business Days of Delivery of a shipment of Finished Product, Company shall, at its option, inspect (or have inspected) such shipment for transport damages, completeness, and, as far as reasonably possible, any other Non-Conformity apparent from a reasonable visual inspection.
Visual Inspection. After delivery of a shipment of the API, Biofrontera or a Third Party on behalf of Biofrontera will perform incoming visual inspection of the Product delivered and the associated batch documentation. For the purposes of this Agreement, "visual inspection" shall mean:
Visual Inspection. Approximate quantities, as indicated below, of some materials may be accepted on the basis of visual inspection: • Aggregates other than for use in Portland Cement Concrete, not to exceed: o 100 tons per day, nor o 500 tons per project; • Bituminous Mixtures, e.g. hot mix asphalt, not to exceed: o 50 tons per day, nor o If project total is less than 500 tons., sample at RE’s discretion; and • Bituminous materials, e.g. liquid asphalt, not to exceed: o 100 per project. Relatively minor quantities of construction materials may be accepted without testing if the following three conditions are met:
Visual Inspection. All the anodized components and witness coupons are subjected to visual inspection. The test should confirm the specifications given in process qualification test.
Visual Inspection. Work of this Section will not begin until the visual inspection described in Section 01711 Project Decontamination is complete and has been certified by the Project Administrator.
Visual Inspection a. Visually inspect structures, arrays, and enclosures for excessive wear, damage, defects, rust/corrosion, etc.
Visual Inspection. The inspection conducted by Xxx Xxxxxx'x Home Inspection Services (Inspector) pursuant to the contract is based on visual examination of the readily accessible features of the building. The inspection is not technically exhaustive. The Client is hereby warned that not all deficiencies will be revealed. The Client is advised more comprehensive inspections are available and the Client is hereby encouraged to consider the merits of more comprehensive inspections. Inspector makes no representations as to compliance, infraction or breach of any building, plumbing, electrical, or other code(s), zoning, land use, or by-law(s) of municipal, regional, provincial, or federal government/statutes including, but not limited to, any/all environmental and conservation authorities, preservation and/or historical plans or flood plain areas. Initial