Transparent Sample Clauses

Transparent. All actions material to the development of regional reliability standards shall be transparent. All standards development meetings shall be open and publicly noticed on the regional entity’s Web site. COMMON ATTRIBUTE 27 Does not unnecessarily delay development of the proposed reliability standard.

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  • Open and Transparent Consistent with ICANN’s expressed mission and core values, ICANN shall operate in an open and transparent manner.

  • Transparency 1. The Parties shall publish their laws, or otherwise make publicly available their laws, regulations and administrative rulings of general application as well as their respective international agreements regarding trade entering into force after this Agreement that may affect the operation of this Agreement. 2. The Parties shall respond to specific questions and provide, upon request, information to each other on matters referred to in paragraph 1 within 60 days following the request, to the extent possible. 3. Any information, request or notification to the other Party referred to in this Chapter shall be carried out through the contact point, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.

  • Trunk Group Architecture and Traffic Routing 5.2.1 The Parties shall jointly establish Access Toll Connecting Trunks between CLEC and CBT by which they will jointly provide Tandem-transported Switched Exchange Access Services to Interexchange Carriers to enable such Interexchange Carriers to originate and terminate traffic from and to CLEC's Customers.

  • Interoperability To the extent required by applicable law, Cisco shall provide You with the interface information needed to achieve interoperability between the Software and another independently created program. Cisco will provide this interface information at Your written request after you pay Cisco’s licensing fees (if any). You will keep this information in strict confidence and strictly follow any applicable terms and conditions upon which Cisco makes such information available.

  • Access Toll Connecting Trunk Group Architecture 8.2.1 If Reconex chooses to subtend a Verizon access Tandem, Reconex’s NPA/NXX must be assigned by Reconex to subtend the same Verizon access Tandem that a Verizon NPA/NXX serving the same Rate Center subtends as identified in the LERG.

  • Interface A defined set of transmission facilities that separate Load Zones and that separate the NYCA from adjacent Control Areas. Investor-Owned Transmission Owners. A Transmission Owner that is owned by private investors. At the present time these include: Central Xxxxxx Gas & Electric Corporation, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation.

  • Traditional Medicine Cooperation 1. The aims of Traditional Medicine cooperation will be: (a) to build on existing agreements or arrangements already in place for Traditional Medicine cooperation; and (b) to promote information exchanges on Traditional Medicine between the Parties. 2. In pursuit of the objectives in Article 149 (Objectives), the Parties will encourage and facilitate, as appropriate, the following activities, including, but not limited to: (a) encouraging dialogue on Traditional Medicine policies and promotion of respective Traditional Medicine; (b) raising awareness of active effects of Traditional Medicine; (c) encouraging exchange of experience in conservation and restoration of Traditional Medicine; (d) encouraging exchange of experience on management, research and development for Traditional Medicine; (e) encouraging cooperation in the Traditional Medicine education field, mainly through training programs and means of communication; (f) having a consultation mechanism between the Parties' Traditional Medicine authorities; (g) encouraging cooperation in Traditional Medicine therapeutic services and products manufacturing; and (h) encouraging cooperation in research in the fields of Traditional Medicine in order to contribute in efficacy and safety assessments of natural resources and products used in health care.

  • Procedures for Providing NP Through Full NXX Code Migration Where a Party has activated an entire NXX for a single Customer, or activated at least eighty percent (80%) of an NXX for a single Customer, with the remaining numbers in that NXX either reserved for future use by that Customer or otherwise unused, if such Customer chooses to receive Telephone Exchange Service from the other Party, the first Party shall cooperate with the second Party to have the entire NXX reassigned in the LERG (and associated industry databases, routing tables, etc.) to an End Office operated by the second Party. Such transfer will be accomplished with appropriate coordination between the Parties and subject to appropriate industry lead times for movements of NXXs from one switch to another. Neither Party shall charge the other in connection with this coordinated transfer.

  • Localization 14.1 Should any Seller Affiliate and any Customer Affiliate wish to enter into an agreement for the provision of Products ("Local Agreement") in Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates (as applicable), Local Agreement(s) can be agreed between the Parties and added as Exhibit(s) to this Agreement by way of addendum. The terms of this Agreement shall be incorporated into each such Local Agreement except to the extent that the Local Agreement expressly states that any amendments shall take precedence. By: By: {{cby_es_:signer1:signature }} Name: Name: {{cname_es_:signer1:fullname }} Title: Title: {{ctitle_es_:signer1:title }} (Authorised Signatory) Date: XX/XX/XXXX Date: {{cdate_es_:signer1:date}} Exhibit A Dated the ___ day of __________, , to the Master Product Sales Agreement Between CDW IT SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD., and ____________________ Customer Affiliates Purchase Orders may be issued pursuant to the Agreement by the following Customer-designated parties: Affiliate Name: ______________________________ Address: ______________________________ FEIN Number: ______________________________ DUNS Number: ______________________________ Account Number: ______________________________ Affiliate Name: ______________________________ Address: ______________________________ FEIN Number: ______________________________ DUNS Number: ______________________________ Account Number: ______________________________ Affiliate Name: ______________________________ Address: ______________________________ FEIN Number: ______________________________ DUNS Number: ______________________________ Account Number: ______________________________ Exhibit B [NOT USED]

  • Stats Executive acknowledges and represents that the scope of such restrictions are appropriate, necessary and reasonable for the protection of the Company’s business, goodwill, and property rights. Executive further acknowledges that the restrictions imposed will not prevent Executive from earning a living in the event of, and after, termination, for whatever reason, of Executive’s employment with the Company. Nothing herein shall be deemed to prevent Executive, after termination of Executive’s employment with the Company, from using general skills and knowledge gained while employed by the Company.