Design Process definition

Design Process means the development and completion of the design for the Tenant’s Work.
Design Process is defined in Section 4.4.
Design Process means the process for preparing and designing a project, including alterations to the design and the design of temporary works to facili- tate construction of the project;

Examples of Design Process in a sentence

  • Franchisee will pay the fees, charges and costs in the following Sections: Section 4.4 (Design Process); Sections 6.2 and 6.3 (Marketing Fund and Additional Marketing Programs); Section 7 (Electronic Systems); Section 8.3.A. (F&B Support); Section 8.3.C. (Inspections); Section 9.1 (Training); Section 16 (Comfort Letter); Section 17 (Transfer); Section 20.1.B. (Termination); and Exhibit C (Inspections; Additional Work; Site Visits; Extensions).

  • The information in this announcement that relates to Process Design, Process Plant Capital Costs, and Process Plant Operating Costs is extracted from the Company’s ASX announcements dated September 13, 2018 and July 19, 2018 which are available to view on the Company’s website at

  • Landlord and Tenant agree to cooperate in connection with the design competition as set forth in the Design Process Letter.

  • In connection with the foregoing, Tenant shall be entitled to notice and three (3) additional Business Days to provide written comments as set forth in the immediately preceding sentence no more than three (3) times during the Design Process.

  • Particular attention should be paid to the Design Process, Submittal Procedure and Construction Phase Information set forth in the Tenant Design & Construction Manual.

  • In the event any Tenant's Requested Design Modification, including any time period(s) relative to approval of any such Tenant's Requested Design Modification and/or any associated Design Modification Plans, causes any of the time periods of the Design Process provided for in this Clause 4.3 to be extended or delayed, then the Outside Design Date (defined in Clause 32.2 below) shall be delayed on a corresponding day-for-day basis.

  • Landlord has initiated a design competition for the Building as more fully set forth in a letter dated January 17, 2000 from Xxxxx Xxxx of Lyme Properties, LLC to Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, President and CEO of Tenant (the "Design Process Letter"), which is incorporated herein by reference thereto.

  • The parties may, by mutual written agreement, extend the time period for any stage of the Design Process by up to fifteen (15) days.

  • In connection with the foregoing, should any Tenant's Requested Design Modification extend or delay any such time period(s) of the Design Process as aforesaid, Landlord shall, as soon as is reasonably practicable after acquiring actual knowledge of such delay or extension, notify Tenant in writing of the existence of such delay or extension.

  • Franchisee will pay the fees, charges and costs in the following Sections: Section 4.4 (Design Process); Sections 6.2 and 6.3 (Marketing Fund and Additional Marketing Programs); Section 7 (Electronic Systems); Section 8.3.C. (Inspections); Section 9.1 (Training); Section 16 (Comfort Letter); Section 17 (Transfer); Section 20.1.B. (Termination); and Exhibit C (Inspections; Additional Work; Site Visits; Extensions).

More Definitions of Design Process

Design Process means any Material created by WISTRON in executing to this Agreement that relates to the implementation of the Design Services or any Deliverable.
Design Process has the meaning given to it in Paragraph 1.1 of Appendix D (Design Plan) to Schedule 1 (Set Specification and Design);
Design Process means any Documentation created by 7Base in its performance of this Agreement that relates to the implementation of the Product Design Document.
Design Process means the process for creation of the Final Plans as set forth in Attachment B. Designers means the Architect and all other architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and the other design professionals that are needed to design the Leasehold Improvements, each of whom shall be duly licensed by the State of California and in good professional standing.
Design Process means the method through which a project is prepared including the design of temporary works to facilitate construction of the project;

Related to Design Process

  • Design flow means the average annual flow or average daily flow specified in an approved facilities plan or approved plans and specifications, the flow specified in a WPDES permit, or the flow required to meet performance standards.

  • Design Phase means the period during which the Transporter shall prepare a draft project proposal for publication in accordance with section 4.3;

  • Design storm means a hypothetical discrete rainstorm characterized by a specific duration, temporal distribution, rainfall intensity, return frequency, and total depth of rainfall.

  • Design Professional means architect or engineer.

  • Design Manual means the MOHLTC design manual or manuals in effect and applicable to the development, upgrade, retrofit, renovation or redevelopment of the Home or Beds subject to this Agreement.

  • Design means the appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation;

  • Design pressure means the hydrostatic pressure for which each structure or appliance assumed watertight in the intact and damage stability calculations is designed to withstand.

  • Design Services means architect services, engineer services or landscape architect services.

  • Design-build team means an entity that consists of:

  • Design-Builder means the Person selected pursuant to the RFP that enters into the Contract with the Department to design and construct the Project (also referred to as the “Design-Build Team”).

  • Design-build means a project delivery method in which the detailed design and subsequent construction is provided through a single contract with a Design-Build firm; a team, partnership, or legal entity that includes design professionals and a builder. The Design-Build Project delivery shall be implemented in accordance with Tex. Gov’t Code § 2166.2531.2

  • piece-work means any work the pay for which is estimated by the amount of work performed irrespective of the time occupied in its performance;

  • Construction Phase Services means the coordination, implementation and execution of the Work required by this Agreement, which are further defined in Article 8.

  • Design Documentation means all schematics and test, assembly and package documentation relating to the Product, including all design, specification and assembly documentation and data files for Materials, which is necessary for the production, manufacture, qualification, testing and delivery of the Product to be attached as Exhibit A.

  • Project Architect means the architect retained by Lessee to design and supervise construction of the Improvements.

  • Brand Name Specification means a specification limited to one or more items by manufacturers’ names or catalogue number.

  • Design Standards means the standards developed as a requirement of the Programmatic Agreement

  • New Work means any Services/Deliverables outside the scope of the Contract and not specifically provided under any Statement of Work, that once added will result in the need to provide the Contractor with additional consideration.

  • Project Improvements means site improvements and facilities that are:

  • Design-Build Agreement means the design and construction agreement between Project Co and the Design-Builder, a certified copy of which has been delivered by Project Co to the Authority, as amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time in accordance with this Agreement;

  • Standard Specifications means a compilation in book form of specifica- tions approved for general application and repetitive use;

  • Construction-in-Process means cash expenditures for land and improvements (including indirect costs internally allocated and development costs) determined in accordance with GAAP for all Properties that are under development or will commence development within twelve months from any date of determination.

  • Quality Improvement means a focus on activities to improve performance above minimum standards and reasonably expected levels of performance, quality and practice.

  • Design torso angle means the angle measures between a vertical line through the "R" point and the torso line in a position which corresponds to the design position of the seat-back established by the vehicle manufacturer;

  • Mechanical Completion means that (a) all components and systems of the Project have been properly constructed, installed and functionally tested according to EPC Contract requirements in a safe and prudent manner that does not void any equipment or system warranties or violate any permits, approvals or Laws; (b) the Project is ready for testing and commissioning, as applicable; (c) Seller has provided written acceptance to the EPC Contractor of mechanical completion as that term is specifically defined in the EPC Contract.

  • Work/ works means work / works to be executed in accordance with the contract.