Outdoor Recreation definition

Outdoor Recreation means the commercial or non-commercial use of land, with or without accessory buildings and structures, for a recreational activity undertaken where the outdoor setting and landscape is a significant element in the activity, and the density of recreational users is not a significant element, and includes park or open space, playing field, botanical garden, arboretum, and outdoor exhibits, excluding golf courses;
Outdoor Recreation means the pursuit of leisure-time activities that occur in an outdoor setting and that are dependent on some particular element or combination of elements in the natural environment. Examples of such activities include bicycling, walking, hiking, skating, swimming, horseback riding, boating, camping, fishing, hunting, picnicking, studying nature, and visiting archaeological and historical sites.
Outdoor Recreation means the pursuit of leisure activities in an outdoor environment.

Examples of Outdoor Recreation in a sentence

  • In 2006, the Forest Service issued the Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines (FSORAG).

  • Freede Wellness Center Intramural Schedule Outdoor Recreation & Tours Resources Contact Us Student Handbook Student Handbook Back Overview I.

  • Most states routinely develop “Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans”, or SCROPs, that include an assessment of demand for public recreational opportunities.

  • If the vehicle creates a safety hazard or is an eyesore, per- sonnel are encouraged to use the stor- age facilities available at the Outdoor Recreation Center, Holbrook Pond, Fort Stewart, or at the Private Vehicle Storage area at Hunter Army Airfield.

  • How does this proposal implement statewide outdoor recreation goals as presented in the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) (include references), and explain why this proposal was selected using the State’s Open Project Selection Process (OPSP).

More Definitions of Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation means predominantly participant uses conducted in open or partially enclosed or screened facilities. May include driving ranges, miniature golf, swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor racquetball courts, motorized cart and motorcycle tracks, motorized model airplane flying facilities, water features, and fields used for active recreational activities, paintball, laser tag, orienteering, golf driving ranges, water parks, amusements, and similar uses.
Outdoor Recreation means any activity conducted in an outdoor environment by persons, such as hiking, camping, boating, fishing, hunting, and the like.
Outdoor Recreation means a recreational
Outdoor Recreation means a use providing for open area recreation facilities and minor sales and services customarily associated with such facilities;
Outdoor Recreation means any leisure time activity conducted outdoors.
Outdoor Recreation means activities of sport and leisure that primarily take place outdoors, such as riding academies, golf courses, waterslides and auto racing and which may include related buildings or structures.