Local Businesses definition

Local Businesses. – means businesses which are located within the Council’s administrative area.
Local Businesses means those industrial, manufacturing, commercial, retail or office-related businesses licensed by the City of Seaside whose principal place of business or headquarters is located within the City limits.
Local Businesses means businesses that are located in the Local Area;

Examples of Local Businesses in a sentence

  • In the event the event of a tie between two Dayton Local Businesses, the tie shall be broken in favor of a Dayton Local Business that is also SBA HUBZone Certified.

  • For Bids and Quotes: An extra 2% shall be applied for Certified Local Businesses who are registered with the Iowa Economic Development Targeted Small Business Program and designated as one or more of the types of businesses described herein.2. For Proposals: An extra 2% of all available points shall be applied for Certified Local Businesses who are registered with the Iowa Economic Development Targeted Small Business Program and designated as one or more of the types of businesses described herein.

  • It is the policy of the City of Chicago that Local Businesses certified as Minority Owned Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women Owned Business Enterprises (WBE) in accordance with Section 2-92-420 et seq.

  • Contractors responding to this solicitation shall complete the following questions and include this Worksheet with their bid or proposal, indicating whether they intend to use Small Local Businesses in the contract to be awarded and, if so, the percentages of contract work to be allocated to Small Local Businesses.

  • It is the policy of the City of Chicago that Local Businesses certified as Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women Business Enterprises (WBE) in accordance with Section 2-92-420 et seq.

More Definitions of Local Businesses

Local Businesses means businesses based in Anglesey, including sole traders and SMEs;]
Local Businesses means a business organization, which may be an incorporated company, unincorporated joint venture, partnership, proprietorship or cooperative acting for the benefit of any Northern Resident in which Northern Residents shall have substantial management authority or in which Northern Residents shall have a significant working interest. • “Mine” means each separate work and undertaking from which minerals, diamonds or ore containing minerals or diamonds are removed from the earth of, or from talus on, the lands within the Claim Block and, for greater certainty, where one or more kimberlite pipes are being worked for the removal of diamond bearing ores, each separate pipe will be a separate Mine. This Agreement will apply to all such undertakings.
Local Businesses as used in this PLA shall be defined as those businesses having either their principal office, or functioning within the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties (as defined by the zip codes listed on “Attachment B”), and actively engaged in their principal line(s) of business within the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties on the date this PLA was entered into, or for six months prior to the award of covered work. Priority of business focus will be for Riverside County businesses. The Union and all Contractors agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this PLA and that this PLA represents the complete understanding of the parties. No Contractor is or will be required to sign or otherwise become a party to any other collective bargaining Agreement with a signatory Union as a condition of performing work within the scope of this Agreement. No practice, understanding or Agreement between a Contractor and a Union party which is not specifically set forth in this PLA shall be binding on any third party Contractor or Union on Project Work unless endorsed in writing by the PLA Administrator. The Parties agree that this PLA will be made available to, and will fully apply to, any successful bidder for Project Work, without regard to whether that successful bidder performs work at other sites on either a Union or non-Union basis. This PLA shall not apply to any work of any Contractor other than that on Project Work specifically covered by this Agreement. The use of masculine or feminine gender or titles in this PLA should be construed as including both genders and not as gender limitations unless the PLA clearly requires a different construction. Further, the use of Article titles and or Section headings are for information only, and carry no legal significance.
Local Businesses means business predominantly based within the Local Area
Local Businesses means any business registered and operating within the Albury and Wodonga local government area.
Local Businesses means any business located in the jurisdiction of El Paso County, Colorado.
Local Businesses means all existing, independently-owned retail and service Small Businesses who have their main operations in the Borough and Local Business shall be construed accordingly; “Local Market Rent” means the estimated amount for which each Part of the Affordable Workspace, as is relevant, could be leased or let on the open market at per square metre at the relevant date of valuation based on appropriate detailed comparable local market evidence and assuming a willing landlord and a willing lessee or tenant on an appropriate lease or tenancy terms (which for the avoidance of doubt would not include a discount on rent by reason of the space being Affordable Workspace) after proper marketing wherein those parties have acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion to be assessed in accordance with a property’s size, location and individual characteristics and the RICS approved valuation methods or intended or established valuation custom and practice as determined in accordance with paragraph 4 of Schedule 7; “London Plan” means the London Plan dated March 2021 or any replacement thereof; “LUL” means London Underground Limited (company registration number 01900907) whose registered office is at 0 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, X00 0XX; “LUL Easement” means the easement to be granted by the Developer to LUL pursuant to the Development Agreement in which (unless otherwise agreed with LUL) the following rights are granted to LUL: (a) a right of way for LUL, its invitees/passengers etc. from London Bridge Station across a direct route (to be defined by reference to a plan) through the Site to the public highway (King’s Head Yard) at all times London Bridge Station is open subject to rights for the Developer to: (i) vary the route from time to time provided that it is no less commodius; and (ii) where there is no reasonable alternative methodology which would avoid such stopping up, to temporarily stop up the route during periods of inspection, maintenance, repair and renewal of the affected part of the Site (provided that the Developer will be required to consult with LUL regarding such stopping up and the Developer shall endeavour to keep such period as short as reasonably practicable and subject to a sufficient or alternative route being provided at all times); (b) the right for LUL canopy/awning/signage/lighting to be installed above the new station entrance and to oversail the relevant part of the Site, as well as the right for signage (including roundel totem) ...