Trade Dress Sample Clauses

Trade Dress. Notwithstanding the foregoing, as soon as reasonably practicable prior to or upon Rosemont’s application for Regulatory Approval, Oncogenerix shall prepare and submit to Rosemont a sample of Oncogenerix’s trade dress to be utilized to distribute the Licensed Products in the Territory (the “Oncogenerix Trade Dress”) which shall be in accordance with all applicable laws. Oncogenerix hereby grants to Rosemont the right to use, with the right to grant Rosemont’s Affiliates the right to use, such Oncogenerix Trade Dress in the Territory solely for the purpose of performing its obligations under this Agreement, the Technical Agreement and/or the Supply Agreement. Oncogenerix shall own and retain all rights to the Oncogenerix Trade Dress and all goodwill associated therewith. The Oncogenerix Trade Dress shall be used only pursuant to the terms of this Agreement to identify, and in connection with, the distribution of the Licensed Products in the Territory, and shall not be used by either party to identify, or in connection with, the marketing of any other products. Except as otherwise set forth in this Agreement, Rosemont’s (and/or its Affiliates’) right to use the Oncogenerix Trade Dress shall automatically terminate upon the termination or expiration of this Agreement.
Trade Dress. Licensee shall assign to Licensor all rights, title, interest and related goodwill in and to any Licensed Trade Dress it develops or uses in connection with the provision of services under this Agreement. Such assignment shall be made on a non-fee, royalty-free basis.
Trade Dress. Notwithstanding Intel's ownership of the Grocery Application, to the extent that the user interface of the Grocery Application incorporates an appearance which consumers may associate with Streamline as a source of goods and services and not implied or required by underlying functionality or the grocery metaphor, Streamline shall be the owner of the trademark and trade dress rights in such appearance for the Consumer Grocery market segment. By way of example, the distinctive background of the interface may constitute trade dress, while the concept of fulfilling an ingredients list to a recipe would not.
Trade Dress. The Licensee shall ensure that the Trade Dress of each Licensed Product is visually differentiated f rom that of products sold or supplied by ViiV and/or its Affiliates in a manner further elaborated under the Trade Dress Guidance.
Trade Dress. Licensee-proposed and LAWA-approved form of distinctive signage or display identifying association with the TNC.
Trade Dress. The Astellas trade dress and style of packaging with respect to the Existing Product may be determined by Astellas so as to be consistent with Astellas’ standard trade dress and style, provided that they conform to the Brand Guiding Principles. Any trade dress and style of packaging not consistent with the Brand Guiding Principles shall be subject to the prior written approval by NGX not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned. Astellas shall own rights to any trade dress which is created by Astellas or on its behalf and used in the commercialization of the Existing Product in the Territory.
Trade Dress a distinct logo, insignia, or emblem that is attached to or visible from the exterior of a Pre-arranged ground transportation Vehicle during the performance of providing pre- arranged ground transportation services and that complies with the Code of Virginia.
Trade Dress. Notwithstanding that title to all Developer-Supplied ----------- Content prepared for the Company under and during the term of this Agreement shall belong to the Company, the ideas, concepts, overall structures, and other information embodied or reflected in the Developer-Supplied Content developed during the course of this Agreement by personnel of Developer, including without limitation screen formats, structure, sequence and organization of any Developer-Supplied Content, may be used, without an obligation to account, by Developer in any way that Developer deems appropriate, including by or for its clients or customers. Developer agrees not to replicate the "look and feel" and overall trade dress aspects of the Web Sites for a direct competitor of the Company or Subsidiary, or create any web site for any direct competitor of the Company or Subsidiary which is confusingly similar to the Web Sites in respect of "look and feel" and overall trade dress. Developer is in the business of developing and designing web sites for a wide variety of clients, including clients that may be in competition with the Company, and the Company understands that Developer will continue these activities.
Trade Dress. All trade dress used by or useful to Seller in the operation of the Business.
Trade Dress. 3.1 Subject to any restrictions a Party may be subject to under applicable laws or under any existing agreement associated with a service location, the signage and logos to be used by eHi in the eHi Territory, and by Enterprise in the Enterprise Territory, shall conform to eHi’s concept illustrated in Exhibit B and Enterprise’s “Drive Alliance” concept illustrated in Exhibit B, as the case may be. In the event of any such restriction, a Party shall use its reasonable efforts to procure a waiver therefrom.