Right to Grant Sample Clauses

Right to Grant. Each party represents and warrants that they have the right to grant the licenses granted in Article 2 hereof and that they are the sole owner of their respective Licensed Patents, subject to licenses existing as of the Effective Date. CHIRON represents and warrants to ROCHE that, to the best of its knowledge, neither CHIRON nor any of its Affiliates have transferred to [***] or any if its Affiliates (a) before December 1, 1998, title to any patent or patent application Directed to HCV in the Field existing on that date; or (b) on or after that date, title to any patent, patent application or invention Directed to HCV in the Field.
Right to Grant. The Debtor has taken all necessary corporate action to authorize the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement and the Debtor shall at all relevant times have the full right, power and authority to perform its obligations hereunder and to grant the security interests, mortgages and charges as herein provided.
Right to Grant. Subject to Section 3.3 hereof, and certain rights held by Isis Pharmaceuticals in patent application number [*], Emory hereby represents that it has not granted to any third party, and no third party holds, any option, license, sublicense or similar right relating to the use of the Licensed Subject Matter within the Field. Emory further represents that it has the right to grant the license granted hereunder to the Licensed Patents and Licensed Technology.
Right to Grant. [***]. The Licensee has the right to grant [***] under this Agreement on the following terms and conditions:
Right to Grant. SBS and DURECT represent and warrant to TBS that SBS and DURECT have, and at all times during the TERM of this AGREEMENT will have, all necessary rights and interests in the SBS TECHNOLOGY including all rights under copyrights, trade secrets, tradenames, patents, patent applications, trademarks and other intellectual property and proprietary rights as required to grant TBS the rights and licenses granted to TBS hereunder. SBS, DURECT and TBS represent and warrant that the execution and delivery of this AGREEMENT, and the performance by SBS,DURECT and TBS of their respective obligations hereunder, including the grant of the licenses herein, have been duly authorized by all necessary corporate and other action on the part of SBS, DURECT and TBS, and no consents, waivers or permissions that have not already been granted are required for such actions.
Right to Grant. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, CryoCath shall have the right to grant sublicenses under the licenses granted under Section 2.1 to ----------------- *** Portions of this page have been omitted pursuant to a request for Confidential Treatment and filed separately with the Commission. Entities solely pursuant to valid and enforceable Sublicense Agreements, each executed by CryoCath and the Sub-licensee. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, no Sub-licensee shall have the right to grant further sublicenses. Any purported sublicense not expressly permitted under this Section 3.1 shall be null and void.
Right to Grant. ABD represents and warrants that it has the lawful right to grant the licenses and/or sublicenses set forth herein.