Guiding Principles Sample Clauses

Guiding Principles. This Agreement shall create a liberal, facilitative, transparent and competitive investment environment in ASEAN by adhering to the following principles:
Guiding Principles. The College and Dallas ISD alliance will function with the following principles:
Guiding Principles. The following guiding principles are agreed. The Project's governance will:
Guiding Principles. The Institute and ICD shall be administered in a manner consistent with the following principles:
Guiding Principles. There are four (4) guiding principles underlying the adoption of this policy. They are:
Guiding Principles. 6.1 The parties agree the following guiding principles in relation to this Agreement:
Guiding Principles. The parties agree to the follow principles:
Guiding Principles a) Communications Activities undertaken through this Communications Protocol should ensure that Canadians are informed of infrastructure investments made to help improve their quality of life and that they receive consistent information about funded Projects and their benefits.