Guiding Principles Sample Clauses

Guiding Principles. This Agreement shall create a liberal, facilitative, transparent and competitive investment environment in ASEAN by adhering to the following principles:
Guiding Principles. The following guiding principles are agreed. The Project's governance will:
Guiding Principles. There are four (4) guiding principles underlying the adoption of this policy. They are:
Guiding Principles. 6.1 The parties agree the following guiding principles in relation to this Agreement:
Guiding Principles. Swedish Medical Center and the Union recognize that change within the organization is necessary to remain efficient and provide innovation resulting in quality patient care and services and that change at times must be rapid. The parties acknowledge that the following parameters sometimes drive organizational change: law/regulations, evidence- based practices, safety concerns, expanded services, and bargaining unit contract agreements. The parties strive to ensure an efficient transition process to promote quality patient care and services and a quality work environment for staff. The best changes balance the needs of the patient, organization, employees and the community to:  Emphasize quality patient care  Come with the input and leadership of front line staff and managersProvide the least impact to the most staff  Retain staff in roles where they can continue to contribute to patient care
Guiding Principles. 5-1-1 Implementation of the District’s instructional program is complex and best accomplished when there is mutual respect among a school’s leadership and teachers with a joint commitment to problem solving. Such an atmosphere in no way diminishes the authority of the school leadership or the professionalism of teachers.
Guiding Principles. 3.1. The Parties will:
Guiding Principles. The University in its sole discretion shall establish the work schedule for its employees consistent with Article 19. In all cases, the University’s need for effective law enforcement staffing shall have first priority in scheduling. Shift assignments shall be made based on the operational needs of the department, as determined by the Chief of Police. Shifts for special assignments will also be determined by the Chief of Police and will be included in the posting of those assignments. Once these needs are met, employee preference will be given consideration. The University strives in all cases to schedule in a fair and equitable manner. When practical, the University will implement minimum scheduling to maximize employee time off. The University reserves the right to limit the amount of scheduled time off per shift. Employee schedules shall not be changed without three (3) calendar daysnotice, except for schedule changes due to:  Emergencies,  Special events (i.e., Xxxxxx Center events, student events, etc.),  Unplanned employee absence, and  Training