Title Insurance Commitments Sample Clauses

Title Insurance Commitments. Lender shall have received for the Premises a preliminary title report and irrevocable commitment to insure title in the amount of the Loan, by means of a mortgagee’s, ALTA extended coverage policy of title insurance (or its equivalent, in the event such form is not issued in the jurisdiction where the Premises is located) issued by Title Company showing Borrower vested with good and marketable fee title in the real property comprising such Premises, committing to insure Lender’s first priority lien upon and security interest in such real property subject only to Permitted Exceptions, and containing such endorsements as Lender may reasonably require.
Title Insurance Commitments. TWE shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide to Comcast Subsidiary, within 90 days from the date TWE receives the Title Commitment Notice, or, in the case of any Survey, such longer period of time as is necessary to obtain such Survey with the exercise of reasonable diligence, (a) commitments to issue to Holdco title insurance policies ("Title Commitments") in amounts reasonably satisfactory to Comcast Subsidiary issued by a nationally recognized title insurance company (a "Title Company") and containing, to the extent available, legible photocopies of all recorded items described as exceptions therein, committing to insure, subject only to Permitted Liens, fee or a valid leasehold title, as applicable, in Holdco to each parcel of Owned Property or Leased Property so designated by notice (a "Title Commitment Notice") within 30 days from the date of this Agreement by ALTA extended coverage owner's or leasehold policies of title insurance, or, if ALTA policies are not obtainable in any state, policies in another form reasonably satisfactory to Comcast Subsidiary, and (b) surveys of each parcel of Owned Property or Leased Property so designated in the Title Commitment Notice ("Surveys"), in such form as is reasonably necessary to obtain the title insurance to be issued pursuant to the related Title Commitments with the standard printed exceptions relating to survey matters deleted, certified to Holdco, Comcast Subsidiary and to the Title Company with respect to that Owned Property or Leased Property, provided that TWE's inability to provide Title Commitments satisfying the foregoing requirements shall not constitute a breach of the foregoing covenant if the Liens, or other matters relating to title, giving rise to such inability would not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. In no event shall TWE be obligated to procure a Title Commitment for any Leased Property with respect to which the Lease or a memorandum thereof has not been recorded in the land records of the county in which the Leased Property is located. The cost to obtain such Title Commitments and Surveys and other documents required by the Title Company to issue such policies and Surveys, as well as the cost of title policy premiums, shall be borne by Comcast Subsidiary, except for attorney's fees and other incidental costs incurred by Time Warner Cable in connection with providing such Title Commitments and Surveys and otherwise c...
Title Insurance Commitments. The Tower Operator or any Sale Site Subsidiary, at its sole cost and expense, may purchase upon the occurrence of the Initial Closing or any subsequent Closing, as applicable, fee title, leasehold or leasehold lender’s title insurance policies (the “Title Policies”), but the AT&T Contributors shall not be required to execute any affidavits, indemnities or other documentation in connection therewith. Obtaining Title Policies for any of the Sites shall not be a condition to the occurrence of the applicable Closing. The Tower Operator and the Sale Site Subsidiaries shall instruct any Title Company that is preparing title reports or commitments for the Tower Operator to deliver copies thereof to the AT&T Contributors at the same time it delivers such reports or commitments to the Tower Operator and the Sale Site Subsidiaries.
Title Insurance Commitments. American Land Title Association (“ALTA”) mortgagee’s title insurance commitments to be issued by the Title Insurance Company on the Properties in such form as is acceptable to Lender.
Title Insurance Commitments. From and after the date of this Agreement, Parent shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Purchaser (at Purchaser's expense) title insurance commitments (collectively, the "TITLE COMMITMENTS") issued by First American Title Insurance Company or another nationally recognized title insurance company (the "TITLE COMPANY") for all of the real property owned or leased by Target or any Target Subsidiary and reflected on the consolidated statement of financial condition of Target on December 31, 1998, which title commitments shall (a) confirm that Target or a Target Subsidiary, as applicable, owns fee title (or leasehold title in the case of the so-called Shopping Center Branch, Newport Road, New London, New Hampshire) in and to the real property free of material encumbrances, Liens and other title imperfections which would prevent transfer of such premises or use of such premises for banking operations, subject to the provisions of Schedule 4.24; (b) commit the Title Company, on the Closing Date, to issue to Purchaser or its designee, at commercially reasonable rates, an owner's (or leasehold, as the case may be) policy of title insurance for each such parcel of real property in an amount equal to the portion of the Purchase Price allocated to the same; and (c) Parent will cause the Title Insurance Policy on the 80 Sxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, xxoperty to be transferred to 80 Sxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxp.
Title Insurance Commitments. The Agent shall have received fully paid binding commitments to issue title insurance policies, marked to the Agent's satisfaction to evidence the form of such policies to be delivered after the Closing Date, in standard ALTA form, issued by a title insurance company satisfactory to the Agent, each in an amount equal to not less than the fair market value of the real Property subject to the Mortgages, insuring the Mortgages to create a valid Lien on all real Property described therein with no exceptions which the Agent shall not have approved and no survey exceptions; and
Title Insurance Commitments. The commitments of title insurance issued by Title Company and provided by Sellers to Buyer with respect to each parcel comprising the Land prior to the execution of this Agreement. Each of the Title Commitments is at times herein referred to as a “Title Commitment”.
Title Insurance Commitments. The Seller will use its commercially reasonable efforts to obtain and cause to be delivered to the Buyer prior to the Closing an ALTA (or equivalent) title insurance commitment with respect to each of the Brillion, Cedar Grove and Ft. Xxxxxxxx, Wisconsin Owned Premises and a certificate of a Governmental Entity of Mexico regarding liens with respect to the Mexican Premises.
Title Insurance Commitments. Seller shall provide to TWEAN, at Seller's --------------------------- cost, within 45 days after the date of this Agreement, (i) commitments of title insurance (the "Title Commitments") issued by a nationally-recognized title insurance company (the "Title Company") containing policy limits and other terms reasonably acceptable to TWEAN, together with photocopies of all documents described as exception therein, committing to insure in TWEAN fee title to each parcel of the Owned Property by ALTA (1992) policies of title insurance, and (ii) ALTA-ACSM (1992 Standards) surveys of each parcel of the Owned Property, which shall show the property boundaries, locations and dimensions of improvements, and all easements of record or visible on the ground, and locating the property by reference to an identifiable benchmark for each parcel of the Owned Property (the "Surveys"), certified to TWEAN and the Title Company. If TWEAN shall notify Seller within 30 days of its receipt of both the Title Commitments and the Surveys of any Lien (other than Permitted Liens) or other matter affecting title to Owned Property which, in the determination of TWEAN, renders title to any parcel of Owned Property uninsurable or unmerchantable, or that could adversely affect the use of any parcel of Owned Property for the purposes for which it is currently used by Seller (each a "Title Defect"), Seller shall exercise its reasonable best efforts to remove or, with the consent of TWEAN, cause the Title Company to commit to insure over, each Title Defect prior to Closing.
Title Insurance Commitments. Prior to the execution of this Agreement, Sellers shall have obtained the Title Insurance Commitments and delivered the same to Buyer. Buyer hereby acknowledges that Buyer has approved the Title Commitments and has accepted the Title Insurance Commitments as so delivered to Buyer as evidence of the status of Sellerstitle to the Hotels and Land. If requested by Buyer, Seller will provide policies of coinsurance provided that any incremental costs therefore shall be paid by the Buyer as contemplated in Section 12.03(b)(3) hereof.