Title Policies Sample Clauses

Title Policies. At Closing, Colonial will cause the Title Company or its title insurer to provide Buyer with an endorsed or marked-up Title Commitment bearing the Closing date as an effective date and unconditionally committing to issue to Buyer an ALTA Owner's Policy - Form B 1970 (rev. 10-17-70 and 10-17-84) subject only to the Permitted Exceptions (a "TITLE POLICY") for the Purchased Real Property, issued by the Title Company or its title insurer effective as of the Closing. The Title Policy shall name Buyer as insured in the amount of that portion of the Purchase Price allocated to such real property, and shall insure that the estate or interest described by Schedule A, Section 2, of each Report (or of each Report Supplement acceptable to Buyer) to the Purchased Real Property is vested in Buyer, subject only to the Permitted Exceptions, and to any other matters approved in writing by Buyer. If Buyer utilizes Colonial's existing title insurance company, the promulgated premium for the Title Policy and all abstract and search fees relating thereto and the promulgated premium for all endorsements issued in connection therewith, will be paid 50% by Colonial and 50% by Buyer. If Buyer utilizes a different title insurance company, Colonial will pay 50% of the cost of the Title Policy and endorsements that would have been charged had Colonial's existing title insurance company been used and Buyer will pay the remainder of any such cost. The Title Policy will include such endorsements authorized to be issued in Florida as Buyer may reasonably require, including without limitation a survey endorsement, a PUD endorsement, condominium endorsement (for those parcels that are condominium), Florida Endorsement Form 91 (FF 9.1) (for vacant lands), and Florida Endorsement Form 9.2 (FF 9.2) (for improved lands). The costs of any other endorsements will be borne by Buyer. Colonial, at its expense, will use reasonable good faith efforts to satisfy all of the Title Company's customary requirements for the issuance of such Title Policy and endorsements, other than those, if any, within Buyer's control.
Title Policies. On or before the Closing Date, Lender shall have received and approved pro forma Title Policies for the Mortgages, and as of the Closing, each Title Company shall be irrevocably committed and prepared immediately to issue the Title Policies or binding commitments. The Title Policies shall be in form and substance satisfactory to Lender. Without limitation, each Title Policy shall be issued on an ALTA form acceptable to Lender by each Title Company or if an ALTA form is not available in the applicable jurisdiction, another form acceptable to Lender, together with such reinsurance and direct access agreements as Lender may require, insuring that the Mortgages are valid first and prior enforceable liens on each Borrower's fee simple interest or ground leasehold interest, as the case may be, in the applicable Property (including any easements appurtenant thereto) subject only to such exceptions to coverage as are acceptable to Lender, including the Permitted Exceptions. Each Title Policy shall contain such endorsements as Lender may require (to the extent available in the state where the Properties is located) in form acceptable to Lender, including deletion of the creditors' rights exception and affirmative endorsement coverage for creditors' rights risks.
Title Policies. At the Close of Escrow, but not as a condition thereto, Buyer shall be entitled to request and obtain from Title Company if so requested by Buyer, with a copy to be delivered to each applicable Seller, a policy of title insurance with respect to each Property, insuring good and indefeasible title to such Property vested in Buyer as of the Closing Date in the amount of the applicable Allocated Purchase Price, subject to such matters of record or apparent as Buyer and Title Company may agree (each, a “Title Policy”) and including such endorsements thereto as Buyer may request and Title Company agrees to issue (the “Title Endorsements”). The cost of each Title Policy and all Title Endorsements thereto shall be borne by the parties as provided in Section 6.6 below.
Title Policies. In accordance with the Escrow Agreement, it shall deliver or cause the delivery of the Title Policies (as defined in the Escrow Agreement) within 90 days of the Closing Date and each Transfer Date, as applicable.
Title Policies. The Title Company shall be prepared, subject only to payment of the applicable premium and endorsement fees and delivery of all conveyance documents in recordable form, to issue title insurance policies to the Purchaser, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Purchaser in accordance with Section 2.4, together with such affirmative coverages as the Purchaser may reasonably require and shall have been determined by the Title Company as available prior to the expiration of the Review Period.
Title Policies. Acquirer shall have received updated title policies for the Property as of the Closing Date satisfactory to the Acquirer.
Title Policies. (i) On or before the Closing Date, Lender shall have received and approved the Title Policies. The Title Policies shall be in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Lender, shall be in full force and effect, shall be freely assignable to and will inure to the benefit of the Trustee (subject to recordation of assignments of the Deeds of Trust) without the consent or any notification to the Title Company, shall have the premium therefor paid in full as of the Closing Date, the Title Company shall be licensed in each state in which a Mortgaged Site is located, shall have no claims made under such Title Policy, and shall affirmatively insure the first priority of the Mortgage on the applicable Site, subject to any exceptions provided for in such Title Policy.
Title Policies. A policy of title insurance by an eligible Title Company for each parcel of TCI Owned Property, updated to the Closing Date, containing such endorsements as are required or permitted by Section 7.6, deleting the survey exception and otherwise consistent with the form and substance prescribed by Section 7.6 and the Title Commitments contemplated thereby (the "TCI Title Policies"), or the irrevocable written commitment of the Title Company to deliver the TCI Title Policies, provided that with respect to each Title Defect affecting the TCI Owned Property, either (i) the TCI Title Policy relating to the affected parcel of TCI Owned Property shall not contain an exception for such Title Defect; or (ii) if the Partnership has consented as provided in Section 7.6, such TCI Title Policy shall contain an endorsement insuring over such Title Defect; or (iii) if, in lieu of a TCI Title Policy satisfying either of the two preceding requirements, the Partnership has agreed to accept a written agreement of TCI as contemplated in the last sentence of Section 7.6, TCI shall have executed and delivered such an agreement.