Preliminary Title Report definition

Preliminary Title Report. A report issued by a title insurance company in anticipation of issuing a Title Insurance policy which evidences existing liens and gives a preliminary opinion as to the absence of any encumbrance on title to a Mortgaged Property, except liens to be removed on or before purchase or refinance, as the case may be, by the Borrower and Permitted Encumbrances.
Preliminary Title Report means the preliminary commitment for title insurance committing to insure marketable fee simple title as of the date of the Closing, subject only to the Permitted Liens.
Preliminary Title Report shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 4.1(b) hereof.

Examples of Preliminary Title Report in a sentence

  • Title will be marketable in Seller at the time of Closing, subject to the matters set forth in the Preliminary Title Report delivered to Purchaser pursuant to Section 9.c below (the “Preliminary Report”), the documents referred to in Section 9 below and those matters shown on the Map of the Project.

  • Escrow Holder shall deliver a Preliminary Title Report for the Property (the “Preliminary Report”) to Buyer within three (3) days after the Opening of Escrow.

  • Upon Close of Escrow, Buyer shall pay for all closing costs including, but not limited to, Documentary Transfer Taxes; Escrow Fees (Buyer’s and Seller’s if an outside escrow company is used); Seller’s Document Preparation Fees (not to exceed $250); costs of CLTA Joint Protection Title Insurance Policy, and Preliminary Title Report; Loan Processing Fees; Tax Service Fee; Document Recording Fees; and other miscellaneous costs of closing the transaction.

  • Buyer shall pay the costs of a Preliminary Title Report and CLTA Joint Protection Policy of Title Insurance with a liability to Buyer in the amount of the Purchase Price and with a liability to Seller and/or Seller’s Authorized Lender in the amount of purchase money financing provided to Buyer.

  • Buyer’s failure to provide Seller with a Buyer’s Objection Notice within said period shall constitute Buyer’s approval of all exceptions to title shown on the Preliminary Title Report.

More Definitions of Preliminary Title Report

Preliminary Title Report shall have the meaning set forth in SECTION 7.1.
Preliminary Title Report shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(d).
Preliminary Title Report means a title report prepared by a company qualified to issue a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy that sets forth (a) the legal description of the Mortgaged Premises and (b) the status of title to the Mortgaged Premises as of the stated effective date of such title report.
Preliminary Title Report is defined in Section 304.5 of this Agreement.
Preliminary Title Report means a standard preliminary title report with respect to the Agency Parcels, together with legible copies of the documents underlying the Exceptions.
Preliminary Title Report has the meaning set forth in Section 6.15(a).
Preliminary Title Report means an ownership and encumbrance search conducted by a title agent with respect to the Mortgaged Property. Any review or acceptance by Lender of such Preliminary Title Report shall not operate to modify or waive any provisions of the Lender Procedures regarding closing procedures or title exceptions. Lender reserves the right to require satisfaction or removal of any title exception that is unacceptable to Lender.