Policies of Title Insurance Sample Clauses

Policies of Title Insurance. The Shareholders shall have delivered Policies of Title Insurance insuring the Company's ownership or leasehold interest in the Title Insurance Property.
Policies of Title Insurance. If Title Insurance Policies have been requested by Buyer pursuant to Section 4.9(c) hereof, and it has complied with the requirements of Section 4.9(f) hereof, Sellers shall deliver Policies of Title Insurance insuring the ownership or leasehold interest of the Companies in the Title Insurance Property.
Policies of Title Insurance 

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  • Title Insurance Policies The Borrower will deliver to the Administrative Agent a policy of title insurance (or marked-up title insurance commitment or title proforma having the effect of a policy of title insurance) (a “Title Policy”) insuring the Lien of such Mortgage as a valid first mortgage or deed of trust Lien on the Mortgaged Property described therein in an amount not less than the estimated fair market value of such Mortgaged Property as reasonably determined by the Borrower, which Title Policy shall (A) be issued by a nationally-recognized title insurance company reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent (the “Title Company”), (B) include such reinsurance arrangements (with provisions for direct access, if necessary) as shall be reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent, (C) be supplemented by a “tie-in” or “aggregation” endorsement, if available under applicable law, and such other endorsements as may reasonably be requested by the Administrative Agent (including (to the extent available in the applicable jurisdiction and/or with respect to the Mortgaged Property, in each case, on commercially reasonable terms) endorsements on matters relating to usury, first loss, zoning, contiguity, revolving credit, doing business, public road access, survey, variable rate, environmental lien, subdivision, mortgage recording tax, separate tax lot, and so-called comprehensive coverage over covenants and restrictions) if available under applicable law at commercially reasonable rates and (D) contain no other exceptions to title other than Permitted Liens and other exceptions acceptable to the Administrative Agent in its reasonable discretion;

  • Title Insurance Policy In all cases, the Seller undertakes to remove any encumbrance that will materially interfere with the procurement of a title insurance policy or financing necessary for the purchase of the Property, whether the same is included in the above enumeration or not. Further, the Seller undertakes to, in good faith, cooperate with and assist the Buyer fully in obtaining a title insurance policy. The Seller shall be obligated to take all legal and reasonably necessary action in order to procure such title insurance policy but shall not incur any additional liability in relation thereto. If the title to the Property is not in a condition that is compliant with the above, if the Seller fails or refuses to comply with the Seller’s obligations under this section, or if the Parties are unable to obtain a title insurance policy, the Buyer may, in the Buyer’s sole discretion, accept the title as it is and proceed with the purchase under this Agreement, or terminate this Agreement and recover the Xxxxxxx Money, costs incurred in relation to this Agreement and .

  • Title Insurance The Mortgage Loan is covered by an ALTA lender's title insurance policy, or with respect to any Mortgage Loan for which the related Mortgaged Property is located in California a CLTA lender's title insurance policy, or other generally acceptable form of policy or insurance acceptable to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and each such title insurance policy is issuex xx x xxxle ixxxxxx acceptable to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and qualified to do business in the jurisdictxxx xxere the Xxxxxxxed Property is located, insuring the Seller, its successors and assigns, as to the first priority lien of the Mortgage in the original principal amount of the Mortgage Loan (or to the extent a Mortgage Note provides for negative amortization, the maximum amount of negative amortization in accordance with the Mortgage), subject only to the exceptions contained in clauses (i) and (ii) of paragraph (j) of this Subsection 9.02, and in the case of Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, against any loss by reason of the invalidity or unenforceability of the lien resulting from the provisions of the Mortgage providing for adjustment to the Mortgage Interest Rate and Monthly Payment. Where required by state law or regulation, the Mortgagor has been given the opportunity to choose the carrier of the required mortgage title insurance. Additionally, such lender's title insurance policy affirmatively insures ingress and egress, and against encroachments by or upon the Mortgaged Property or any interest therein. The Seller, its successor and assigns, are the sole insureds of such lender's title insurance policy, and such lender's title insurance policy is valid and remains in full force and effect and will be in force and effect upon the consummation of the purchase of the Mortgage Loan as contemplated by this Agreement. No claims have been made under such lender's title insurance policy, and no prior holder of the related Mortgage, including the Seller, has done, by act or omission, anything which would impair the coverage of such lender's title insurance policy, including without limitation, no unlawful fee, commission, kickback or other unlawful compensation or value of any kind has been or will be received, retained or realized by any attorney, firm or other person or entity, and no such unlawful items have been received, retained or realized by the Seller;

  • Evidence of Title Evidence that title to a REO is held by the Trustee shall be submitted by the Servicer to the Master Servicer and, if applicable, to the Primary Mortgage Insurer and/or the Pool Insurer, within ten Business Days after marketable title to such REO has been acquired.

  • Certificates of Title Upon the request of Secured Party, if a certificate of title is issued or outstanding with respect to any Vehicle or other Collateral with a fair market value of at least $50,000, cause the Security Interest to be properly noted thereon.

  • Title Insurance and Surveys Seller shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to assist Buyer and the Sale Leaseback Purchaser in obtaining the Title Policies in form and substance as set forth in Section 2.08(d) of this Agreement, including, without limitation, removing from title any liens or encumbrances which are not Permitted Liens. Seller shall provide the Title Company with any affidavit, indemnity or other assurances reasonable and customarily requested by the Title Company to issue the Title Policies.

  • Title Policies On or before the Closing Date, Lender shall have received and approved pro forma Title Policies for the Mortgages, and as of the Closing, each Title Company shall be irrevocably committed and prepared immediately to issue the Title Policies or binding commitments. The Title Policies shall be in form and substance satisfactory to Lender. Without limitation, each Title Policy shall be issued on an ALTA form acceptable to Lender by each Title Company or if an ALTA form is not available in the applicable jurisdiction, another form acceptable to Lender, together with such reinsurance and direct access agreements as Lender may require, insuring that the Mortgages are valid first and prior enforceable liens on each Borrower's fee simple interest or ground leasehold interest, as the case may be, in the applicable Property (including any easements appurtenant thereto) subject only to such exceptions to coverage as are acceptable to Lender, including the Permitted Exceptions. Each Title Policy shall contain such endorsements as Lender may require (to the extent available in the state where the Properties is located) in form acceptable to Lender, including deletion of the creditors' rights exception and affirmative endorsement coverage for creditors' rights risks.

  • Documents of Title Not sign or authorize the signing of any financing statement or other document naming Borrower as debtor or obligor, or acquiesce or cooperate in the issuance of any xxxx of lading, warehouse receipt or other document or instrument of title with respect to any Collateral, except those negotiated to Lender, or those naming Lender as secured party, or if solely to create, perfect or maintain a Permitted Lien.

  • Title Insurance and Survey (a) Within five (5) days after the execution of this Agreement, Buyer shall order commitments for owner’s policies of title insurance (the “Title Commitment”) issued by the Title Insurer covering fee simple title to the Property, in which the Title Insurer shall agree to insure, in such amount as Buyer deems adequate, merchantable title to such interests free from the Schedule B standard printed exceptions and all other exceptions except for (i) exceptions which, under applicable state rules and regulations, cannot be deleted or modified and (ii) Permitted Exceptions, with such endorsements as Buyer shall reasonably require and with insurance coverage over any “gap” period. Such Title Commitments shall have attached thereto complete, legible copies of all instruments noted as exceptions therein, and shall be delivered promptly to Buyer upon receipt by Seller. Buyer shall furnish Seller with a copy of the title commitment and attachments, and all subsequent revisions thereof, promptly upon receipt of same.

  • Maintenance of the Primary Mortgage Insurance Policies (a) The Master Servicer shall not take, or permit any Servicer (to the extent such action is prohibited under the applicable Servicing Agreement) to take, any action that would result in noncoverage under any primary mortgage insurance policy or any loss which, but for the actions of such Master Servicer or Servicer, would have been covered thereunder. The Master Servicer shall use its best reasonable efforts to cause each Servicer (to the extent required under the related Servicing Agreement) to keep in force and effect (to the extent that the Loan requires the Mortgagor to maintain such insurance) primary mortgage insurance applicable to each Loan in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the related Servicing Agreement, as applicable. The Master Servicer shall not, and shall not permit any Servicer (to the extent required under the related Servicing Agreement) to, cancel or refuse to renew any primary mortgage insurance policy that is in effect at the date of the initial issuance of the Mortgage Note and is required to be kept in force hereunder except in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the related Servicing Agreement, as applicable.