Applicable Closing definition

Applicable Closing means (a) with respect to the Principal Country Units, the Principal Closing and (b) with respect to any Non-Principal Country Unit, the applicable Non-Principal Country Unit Closing.
Applicable Closing means, as and if applicable, the IVT Closing or Oral DME Closing.

Examples of Applicable Closing in a sentence

  • Applicable Closing Date: Has the meaning specified in Section 5.01(b) of this Trust Supplement.

  • All calculations and determinations of the Applicable Closing Price shall be made by the Company or its agent and the Purchase Contract Agent shall have no responsibility with respect thereto.

  • The Parties agree to use commercially reasonable efforts to accomplish each transfer as soon as practicable on or following the Applicable Closing Date and to cooperate with each other to make such filings and disclosures and obtain such approvals as may be deemed necessary or advisable in accordance with applicable Law.

  • Promptly after the calculation of the Applicable Closing Price, the Company shall give the Purchase Contract Agent notice thereof.

  • The Company’s management systems, organisational structures, processes, standards, code of conduct and behaviors governs how the Company conducts the business and manages associated risks.

More Definitions of Applicable Closing

Applicable Closing has the meaning set forth in Section 8.1.
Applicable Closing means the Closing, the Partial Closing or a Subsequent Partial Closing, as the context requires.
Applicable Closing means the Asset Closing or, if the Asset Purchase Agreement terminates pursuant to Section 9.1(b) thereof, the Closing.
Applicable Closing means, with respect to any purchase contemplated by this Agreement, the Closing at which such purchase occurs.
Applicable Closing means (i) for the First Closing Interests, the First Closing and (ii) for the Second Closing Interests, the Second Closing.