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To export means to place surplus lines insurance with a non- admitted insurer.
To export means to place surplus lines insurance with a non-

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  • To export the complete content in DOC format, click the blue export button in the upper right corner of this page.

  • To export artificially propagated ginseng from a State or Tribe that does not have an approved program, complete Form 3–200–33.

  • To export a commercial vessel, a license from the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security, Bureau of Export Administration, Washington, D.C. 20230, is required.

  • To export wild ginseng harvested from a State or Tribe that does not have an approved program, complete Form 3–200–32.

  • To export users, check the publications you wish to export to and click Export.

  • To export fur skins taken under an approved State or tribal program, complete Form 3–200–26 and submit it to either FWS Law Enforcement or the U.S. Management Authority.

  • To export all of the data found in the “Extended” view to an excel spreadsheet, select the “Export All to File” from the drop-down and click the <Search> button.

  • To export a specimen ex- empted under paragraph (d) of this sec- tion, you must obtain a CITES docu- ment from the U.S. Management Au- thority that indicates the specimen was taken in accordance with the pro- visions of another international treaty, convention, or agreement that was in force on July 1, 1975.

  • To export entire production (whether manufactured/ processed including seconds, waste and scrap material) to foreign countries in accordance with the provision of the Law subject to such concessions and facilities as provided in the SEZ Act/Rules etc.

  • To export files from the job’s working directory to your local machine or to some remote storage, use the "Exports" keyword.

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To export means to place surplus lines insurance with a
To export a policy6 means to place it with an unauthorized insurer under the Surplus Lines Law.7 Unless an exception applies, before an insurance agent can place insurance in the surplus lines market, the insurance agent must make a diligent effort to procure the desired coverage from admitted insurers.8 “Diligent effort” means, subject to certain exceptions,9 seeking coverage from and being rejected by at least three authorized insurers in the admitted market.10 The law further specifies that:11
To export means to send goods out of the Kingdom to a foreign country, and shall include:
To export means to place, in an unauthorized insurer under this Surplus Lines Law, insurance cover- ing a subject of insurance resident, located, or to be performed in this state.
To export means to export inter-stat e as defined i n claus e (l ) of sectio n 2 of the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1930; and
To export means to send, carry, despatch, forward, or convey outside or beyond the borders or boundaries of the State of New South Wales.

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