Territory definition

Territory means worldwide.
Territory means the entire world.
Territory means the world.

Examples of Territory in a sentence

Further to a party’s request, a transcript will be provided upon payment of the charges authorized by any scheme in force in any Member State or Territory for the making of the recording or the transcript.

The Distributor hereby appoints the Representative as its non-exclusive agent in the Territory for the soliciting and marketing of orders for the designated Services, and Representative hereby accepts such appointment and shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to carry out the Objective in a reasonable and diligent manner using due care and skill, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

Criminal proceedings in all other Member States and Territories to which this Practice Direction applies will be guided by the emergency measures protocols put in place in each Member State and Territory for dealing with criminal matters during the emergency period.

The Supreme Court of the Territory shall be the court of insolvency.

Where a document is filed by e-mail, the party who has filed the document must also subsequently deposit one (1) hard copy of the document at the High Court Registry in their respective Member State or Territory, within seven (7) calendar days, or where the last calendar day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or a day on which the Court Office is closed for business, the next business day , when the Court Office is open for Business.

More Definitions of Territory

Territory means all countries of the world.
Territory means the United States of America.
Territory means all the countries and territories of the world.
Territory means the United States.
Territory means the United States of America and its territories and possessions.
Territory means Japan.
Territory means all of the countries in the world, and their territories and possessions.