Term of Cooperation Sample Clauses

Term of Cooperation. Party A and Party B agree and confirm that the term of cooperation under this Agreement shall commence from the execution date hereof and end on the expiration date of the operation term of Party B (“Term of Cooperation”).
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Term of Cooperation. The term of cooperation is three years, starting from January 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2013.
Term of Cooperation. 20 years, from April 8, 2009 to June 30, 2029. When the term expires, Party A and Party B shall liquidate the school and finish the handing-over of the school, and then their rights and obligations shall terminate. If the cooperation is to be extended, Party B shall have the priority.
Term of Cooperation. The agreed term of this Agreement shall be 3 years, this Agreement shall be entered into on the date the Parties affix seal or special seal for contractual uses (in case that the two Parties' sealing dates differ, whichever is later), and shall become effective from the date the Investment Agreements come into force. Within thirty (30) days before the expiry of the agreed term, the Parties may renegotiate whether to renew this Agreement. If neither Party has given any written notice to the other Party within the foregoing period, on the premise that the number of shares of Overseas Shareholding Entity held by Tencent at that time is no less than 50% of those actually held by Tencent on the date of completion of the transaction under the Investment Agreements, upon expiry, this Agreement shall be automatically renewed for 3 years.
Term of Cooperation. The term of cooperation under this Agreement is September 10, 2006 to September 10, 2008. This Agreement shall be automatically terminated upon the expiration of cooperation term.
Term of Cooperation. 1) Term of cooperation between the Parties under this Agreement shall be 3 years from the execution date of this Agreement, and the Parties shall friendly negotiate the subsequent business plan before the Agreement expires. This Agreement shall be extended automatically for 1 year if the Parties reach agreement and shall terminate upon expiration if not.(2) If this Cooperation Agreement is terminated, the loan agreements and security agreements with respect to the still existing loans to the Consumers under this Cooperation Agreement shall not be terminated until all such loans are fully discharged.
Term of Cooperation. 1) The Term of Cooperation under this Agreement is 5 years from the day of signing this Agreement. All parties shall friendly negotiate future business plans before the Agreement expires.2) In the event that this cooperation is terminated, the terms under this Agreement still apply to the existing Consumer loan under this cooperation, until all existing Consumer loan are settled.
Term of Cooperation. 15 years, from April 30th 2005 to April 30th 2010.
Term of Cooperation. 1、甲乙双方经友好协商,合作期限为 三 年,即自 ___至 。Through friendly negotiation, both parties agree this agreement shall remain valid for 3 years, from ___to ___.2、本协议履行期限届满,双方有意继续合作的,可以另行签订合作协议。In the event of expiration, if there is a need to renew the agreement, both parties may enter into another cooperation agreement.三、 采购、运输及验收