Deposit Account Sample Clauses

Deposit Account. Merchant will at all times maintain an Account at a bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve ACH system and will provide Settlor with proper authorization to debit the Account (the “Operating Account”). All credits for collected funds and debits for fees, payments and Chargebacks and other amounts for which Xxxxxxxx is liable under the terms of this Agreement will be made to the Account. Merchant may not close or change the Account without written notice to Settlor. Merchant will be solely liable for all fees and costs associated with the Account and for all overdrafts. Merchant hereby grants to Bank and ISO a security interest in the Account to the extent of any and all fees, payments and Chargebacks and other amounts due which may arise under this Agreement, and Merchant will execute any document and obtain any consents or waivers from the bank at which the Account is maintained as requested by Bank and ISO to protect their security interests therein.
Deposit Account. Custodian will open and maintain a special purpose deposit accounts in the name of Custodian ("Account"), subject only to draft or order by Custodian upon receipt of instructions. All monies received by Custodian from or for the account of a portfolio shall be deposited in said Account, barring events not in the control of the Custodian such as strikes, lockouts or labor disputes, riots, war or equipment or transmission failure or damage, fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster, action or inaction of governmental authority or other causes beyond its control, at 9:00 a.m., Kansas City time, on the second business day after deposit of any check into Fund's Account, Custodian agrees to make Fed Funds available to the Fund in the amount of the check. Deposits made by Federal Reserve wire will be available to the Fund immediately and ACH wires will be available to the Fund on the next business day. Income earned on the portfolio securities will be credited to the applicable portfolio of the Fund based on the schedule attached as Exhibit A. The Custodian will be entitled to reverse any credited amounts where credits have been made and monies are not finally collected. If monies are collected after such reversal, the Custodian will credit the applicable portfolio in that amount. Custodian may open and maintain an Account in such other banks or trust companies as may be designated by it or by properly authorized resolution of the Board of Directors of Fund, such Account, however, to be in the name of custodian and subject only to its draft or order.
Deposit Account. Once subscription funds from Persons unaffiliated with the Company or the Advisor in the Escrow Account aggregate $2,000,000 in respect of Shares of the Company, subject to any continuing escrow obligations imposed by certain states as described in the Prospectus, the Company will deposit all subsequent subscription funds in the Deposit Account. At all times until the Termination Date, the Deposit Account shall be subject to the Control Agreement that will provide, among other things, that no funds shall be able to be withdrawn from the Deposit Account once the Dealer Manager provides notice to the Company and Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association that a condition set forth in Section 4 has not been satisfied or waived by the Dealer Manager. Such restriction on withdrawal shall continue until the Dealer Manager notifies the Company and Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association that funds in the Deposit Account can be released upon order of the Company.
Deposit Account. On or before the Closing Date, one or more deposit accounts shall be established at the Borrowers' sole cost and expense in the name of Lender, as secured party hereunder (said accounts, and any accounts replacing same in accordance with this Loan Agreement and the Deposit Account Agreement, collectively, the "DEPOSIT ACCOUNT") with one or more financial institutions reasonably approved by Lender (collectively, the "DEPOSIT BANK"), pursuant to one or more agreements (collectively, the "DEPOSIT ACCOUNT AGREEMENT") substantially similar to Lender's form or otherwise in form and substance reasonably acceptable to Lender, executed and delivered by the Borrowers and the Deposit Bank. The Deposit Account shall be under the sole dominion and control of Lender (which dominion and control may be exercised by Servicer). Among other things, the Deposit Account Agreement shall provide that the Borrowers shall have no access to or control over the Deposit Account, that all available funds on deposit in the Deposit Account shall be transferred by wire transfer (or transfer via the ACH System) on each Business Day by the Deposit Bank into the Lock Box Account, for application in accordance with the Cash Management Agreement. The Deposit Bank and the Lock Box Account Bank shall be directed to deliver to the Borrowers copies of bank statements and other information made available by the Deposit Bank and the Lock Box Account Bank concerning the Deposit Account and the Lock Box Account.
Deposit Account. Following the delivery of the executed Agreement, DSI shall open a deposit account ("Deposit Account") for Depositor. The opening of the Deposit Account means that DSI shall establish an account ledger in the name of Depositor, assign a deposit account number ("Deposit Account Number"), calendar renewal notices to be sent to Depositor as provided in Section 30, and request the initial deposit ("Initial Deposit") from Depositor. Depositor has an obligation to make the Initial Deposit. In the event that Depositor has not made the Initial Deposit within sixty (60) days of the execution of this
Deposit Account. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Trust authorizes Chase to establish and maintain in each country or other jurisdiction in which the principal trading market for any Securities is located or in which any Securities are to be presented for payment, an account or accounts, which may include nostro accounts with Chase Branches and omnibus accounts of Chase at Foreign Banks, for receipt of cash in the Deposit Account, in such currencies as directed by Written Instructions. For purposes of this Agreement, cash so held in any such account shall be evidenced by separate book entries maintained by Chase at its office in London and shall be deemed to be Cash held by Chase in the Deposit Account. Unless Chase receives Written Instructions to the contrary, cash received or credited by Chase or any other Chase Branch, Foreign Bank or Foreign Securities Depository for the Deposit Account in a currency other than United States dollars shall be converted promptly into United States dollars whenever it is practicable to do so through customary banking channels (including without limitation the effecting of such conversions at Chase's preferred rates through Chase, its affiliates or Chase Branches), and shall be automatically transmitted back to Chase in the United States.
Deposit Account. If you are issued a secured Card, you have signed or will be required to sign a separate security agreement pledging a specific, non-withdrawable portion of your shares and/or deposits in BECU to secure your Card. The amount of the security for such a Card is the amount of your credit limit and you may not have any access to or control of that amount. Shares and/or deposits of a covered member of the armed forces or a dependent of such a member shall not be subject to any agreement by BECU to issue a secured card that is prohibited under the Military Lending Act.
Deposit Account. Bank maintains one or more demand, time, savings, passbook, certificates of deposit or other similar accounts that are identified above in which Customer has an interest (collectively, the “Account”). The Deposit Account (as defined below) is subject to Bank’s Deposit Agreement and Disclosure Statement (the “Deposit Agreement”), provided that, in the case of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the Deposit Agreement, the terms of this Agreement will prevail. The parties acknowledge that the Deposit Account constitutes a “deposit account” within the meaning of Section 9102 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of California (the “UCC”), and Bank is a “bank” within the meaning of Section 9102 of the UCC. Bank’s jurisdiction for purposes of Section 9304 of the UCC is California. The provisions of this Agreement constitute “control” over the Deposit Account within the meaning of Section 9104 of the UCC.
Deposit Account. (A) The Landlord shall keep the sums paid by the tenants and the occupiers of the Building by way of service charge and any sinking and/or reserve fund in a separate, interest earning, deposit account until and save to the extent that they may be required for the purposes provided for in this schedule.