Signature and Seal Sample Clauses

Signature and Seal. All submittals provided by Contractor to Owner pursuant to the Scope of Services, including without limitation, all drawings, calculations, specifications, certifications, shop drawings and other submittals, shall contain the signature and seal of the licensed design professional preparing them. Submittals related to the Work designed or certified by the licensed design professionals, if prepared by others, shall bear the licensed design professional’s written approval. The Owner and its consultants, agents, and assigns shall be entitled to rely upon the adequacy, accuracy and completeness of the Design Services, certifications and approvals performed by such design professionals.
Signature and Seal. All specifications and architectural drawings shall bear the signature and seal of the Design Professional on behalf of the Design-Builder. One set of specifications, which also bears the signatures and seals of the structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers licensed in the State of Georgia, shall be furnished to the owner. Structural drawings shall bear the signature and seal of a structural engineer licensed in the State of Georgia. Electrical drawings shall bear the signature and seal of an electrical engineer licensed in the State of Georgia. Mechanical drawings shall bear the signature and seal of a mechanical engineer licensed in the State of Georgia. The Design Professional on behalf of the Design-Builder is fully responsible for any work designed by his engineers the same as if said work were designed, approved, certified, or accepted by him.
Signature and Seal. Annex no. 2 STANDARD-FORM COMPLAINT
Signature and Seal. If the bid proposal is made by an individual, it shall be signed and his full name and his address shall be given; if it is made by a partnership, it shall be signed with the partnership name by one of the partners, who shall sign his own name and, in addition, the name and address of each partner shall be given; if it is made by a corporation, the name of the corporation shall be signed by its duly authorized officer, or officers, attested by the corporation seal, and the names and titles of all current officers of the corporation shall be given.
Signature and Seal. Preceded by words « Lu et approuvé » The Inria Fondation Par délégation de signature, Monsieur Michel Mauny, Director of Inria Foundation SIGNATURE DATE :
Signature and Seal. 我谨代表前述申请参加本次投标的设计公司声明:本表各页,加盖公章为记,所填一切内容属实,并同时在此授权本次招标组织者在其认为适当的时间和场合公开、使用有关信息。 On behalf of the Company to participate in the design tender, I make this statement: every page of the table, with official seal for the note, all the contents filled is true, and at the same time authorized the tender organizer to publicize relevant information in appropriate time and occasion. 附件2 法定代表人资格证明书(参考备用)Annex 2 Certificate of Qualifications of Legal Representative (for Reference) 单位名称:Company name:地址:Address: 姓名: 性别: 年龄: 职务:________ 系 的法定代表人。 特此证明! It is hereby certified as follows:Name: Sex: Age: Title: ________ is the legal representative of _________________________. 投标单位(盖章):Bidder (seal)日期: 年 月 日
Signature and Seal. DATED THIS DAY OF , 2022. LEGAL NAME OF PERSON, FIRM OR CORPORATION MAILING ADDRESS OF ABOVE SIGNATURE TELEPHONE NUMBER FAX NUMBER (Affix Corporate Seal here) E-MAILREQUEST FOR BID CONDITIONSIn submitting a response to this Request for Bid, vendors hereby understand the following: 1. Pricing offered in the bid document will be provided to other local governments and governments whom Sedgwick County regularly enters into cooperative agreements. 2. Sedgwick County reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids and responses to these and/or related documents, to accept any item(s) in the bids, to waive any irregularity in the bids, and further if determined to be non-responsive in any form, or if determined to be in the best interest of Sedgwick County. 3. Alternate bids (two or more bids submitted) will be considered for an award. Sedgwick County reserves the right to make the final determination of actual equivalency or suitability of such bids with respect to requirements outlined herein. The bids submitted, and any further information acquired through interviews, will become and is to be considered a part of the final completed contract. If there is any variance or conflict, the bid specifications will control. 4. Bidders MUST return the entire document via email with any supplementary materials to, on or before the date and time specified. 5. Bids submitted may not be withdrawn for a period of 60 days immediately following the opening of this Request for Bid. Prices MUST be free of federal, state, and local taxes unless otherwise imposed by a governmental body, and applicable to the material on the bid. 6. Sedgwick County interprets the term "Lowest Responsible and Best Bidder" as requiring Sedgwick County to: (a) choose between the kinds of materials, goods, wares, or services subject to the bid, and (b) determine which bid is most suitable for its intended use or purpose. Sedgwick County can consider, among other factors, such things as the availability of service(s), part(s) material(s) and/or supply(s), warranty, maintenance, freight costs, performance of product and labor cost of items upon which bids are received. 7. All requested information must be supplied. If bidders cannot respond to any part of this request, bidders should state the reason they cannot respond and note an exception. Bidders may provide supplemental information to assist Sedgwick County in analyzing its bid.

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  • Contract Signature Within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of the Contract, the successful Proposer shall sign and date the Contract and return it to UNDP. Failure of the successful Proposer to comply with the requirement of RFP Clause 35 and this provision shall constitute sufficient grounds for the annulment of the award, and forfeiture of the Proposal Security if any, and on which event, UNDP may award the Contract to the Proposer with the second highest rated Proposal, or call for new Proposals.

  • Signature Authority Each party has the full power and authority to enter into and perform this Agreement, and the person signing this Agreement on behalf of each Party has been properly authority and empowered to enter into this Agreement.