Storage Requirements Sample Clauses

Storage Requirements. Xxxxx agrees to permit physical inspection of the storage location and product handling facilities by Seller’s representative or agents prior to the first consignment shipment. Seller has the right, upon reasonable notice, to verify the quantity and quality of Consigned Product hereunder
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Storage Requirements. Sharp shall use the Products and the Packaging Material on a first in, first out basis and shall not use either the Products or the Packaging Material beyond the shelf life required under any Applicable Law.
Storage Requirements. Stored Materials shall be: (i) stored in a bonded warehouse in a manner that is separate and identifiable from other Stored Materials; (ii) insured as required herein; and (iii) available and accessible to Judicial Council for inspection. Design Build Entity shall cooperate with Judicial Council and, upon Judicial Council’s request, take such steps, at Design Build Entity’s sole cost and expense, as Judicial Council deems are reasonably necessary to ensure and protect Judicial Council’s interest in and title to any Stored Materials. Payment for Stored Materials on-Site or off-Site. Judicial Council shall only make payment to Design Build Entity for Stored Materials if agreed upon in advance, in writing, by Judicial Council and provided that Design Build Entity submits an itemized list of all Stored Materials with Design Build Entity’s Application for Payment. Design Build Entity’s itemized list of all Stored Materials shall be supported by all of the following:
Storage Requirements. (1) The warehouse operator shall:
Storage Requirements. 15. Partner Agency agrees to follow the standards and guidelines from their required ServSafe training and/or as required by the American Institute of Baking (AIB).
Storage Requirements. All salt distribution piles shall be covered to prevent the salt from becoming excessively damp. Salt distribution piles shall be covered, or stored within a building, within five (5) days of being established.
Storage Requirements. Wellness shall cause all Mannatech Materials and its Water Technology to be stored in accordance with the Specifications, rules, laws and regulations, where they apply.
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Storage Requirements. Unipath shall store all materials and Product in accordance with the Specifications in a clean and dry area, in facilities with insect and rodent pest controls to assure no contamination. Pest control measures by Unipath must include adequate cleaning of the facility, control of food and drink, protection of Product from the environment, monitoring of flying and crawling pest, and logs detailing findings and actions taken. Unipath's pest control program must be described in written procedure. Failure to maintain an adequate pest control program shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement. Storage and handling of all materials and Product shall be in accordance with the provisions of all applicable Laws and the quality control programs and standards set forth in the Specifications. Bulk Product and other materials utilized by Unipath in connection with the manufacturing, processing and packaging of the Product shall be used by Unipath on a first in, first out basis and shall not be used by Unipath beyond the shelf life required under applicable Laws or as designated in the Specifications.
Storage Requirements. Paddock shall handle and store all Materials, Active Ingredient and Products in accordance with the Specifications, cGMP and in a clean, dry area, free from insects and rodents, in a manner to prevent entry of foreign materials. Storage and handling of the foregoing shall further be in accordance with the provisions of the quality control programs and standards set forth in the Quality Agreement. All Active Ingredient and Materials utilized by Paddock in connection with the manufacture of the Products shall be used by Paddock on a first-in, first-out basis and, except as approved by Axcan Pharma under paragraph 2.5, shall not be used by Paddock beyond their shelf life or as designated by Axcan Pharma.
Storage Requirements. For Tetra Brik and Tetra Brik Aceptic packaging material: Under normal circumstances, reels of packaging material are double-wrapped. — Each reel is tightly shrink-wrapped. — Each pallet is enclosed in a shrink-film. Pallets can be stacked three on top of each other pro vided a rigid divider board is placed on top of the lower pallets. Transportation pallets are irrevocable and their life is limited. Temperature: Between 0o and +20oC is not detrimental but ensure that immediately prior to production the material is to be conditioned in the temperature of +20o +30oC. The ideal temperature for storage is +20oC. Humidity: 30% to 70 % RH. Actual storage temperatures and relative humidity in some cases deviate from recommendations. If so, it is advised that prolonged storage should be avoided through the use of efficient delivery schedule and by ensuring a strict rotation system, i.e. "first in–first out" Whenever possible correct such deviations by means of adequate heating, cooling or humidity control equipment.
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