Delivery Schedule definition

Delivery Schedule means the schedule for the delivery of Services as set forth in attached Annex 3.
Delivery Schedule means that attribute of the Statement of Work setting forth the completion date of each Milestone and the delivery date for each Deliverable.
Delivery Schedule means a schedule, substantially in the form of the initial schedule delivered on the Closing Date and attached as Exhibit C hereto, in each case duly executed and delivered by a Seller to the Purchaser on a Delivery Date, which shall identify the Railcars to be Conveyed on such Delivery Date and identify each Lease relating to any such Railcar.

Examples of Delivery Schedule in a sentence

  • Details of technical bid must be laid out and supported by an Implementation Timetable, including Transportation and Delivery Schedule where needed, that is within the duration of the contract as specified in the Data Sheet (DS noS.

  • Subject to GCC Sub-Clause 33.1, the delivery of the Goods and completion of the Related Services shall be in accordance with the List of Goods and Delivery Schedule specified in the Supply Requirements.

  • Evaluation Criteria (ITB 39.3 (e))The Purchaser’s evaluation of a Bid may take into account, in addition to the Bid Price quoted in accordance with ITB Sub-Clause 16.6, one or more of the following factors as specified in ITB Sub-Clause 39.3(e) and in the BDS referring to ITB Sub-Clause 39.3(e), using the following criteria and methodologies.(a) Delivery Schedule.

  • Within this acceptable period, an adjustment, as specified in BDS Sub-Clause ITB 39.3(e), will be added, for evaluation purposes only, to the Bid price of Bids offering deliveries later than the “Earliest Delivery Date” specified in Section VI , List of Goods and Delivery Schedule.

  • If any such change outside the scope of supplies agreed to herein causes an increase or decrease in cost of, or the time required for, firm’s performance of any provisions under the Agreement, equitable adjustments shall be made in the Agreement Price or Delivery Schedule, or both, and the Agreement shall accordingly be amended.

More Definitions of Delivery Schedule

Delivery Schedule has the meaning provided for in Section 5.3.
Delivery Schedule means Seller’s obligation to Deliver and Buyer’s rights to receive the MWhs of Qualified Clean Energy and associated Environmental Attributes during the Services Term as provided in Exhibit B.
Delivery Schedule means the schedule(s) for the performance of Work, as set forth in an Order that lists: (1) each Deliverable, including its measurable attributes; (2) payment schedule within each Deliverable, including milestone completion date; and (3) final delivery date for each Deliverable.
Delivery Schedule shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(d).
Delivery Schedule means the component of the Project Management Plan to the Contract which indicates the Supplies and Services, their respective quantities, Date for Delivery, Date for Installation and Delivery Site;
Delivery Schedule has the meaning given to such term, if applicable, in an Asset Transfer Agreement.
Delivery Schedule means the schedule for the delivery of Goods as specified in the Purchase Order;