Storage of Goods Sample Clauses

Storage of Goods. Not to use the Premises or any part thereof for the purposes of the manufacture of goods and merchandise or for the storage of excessive amount of goods or merchandise other than in quantities consistent with the nature and smooth running of the Tenant’s business.
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Storage of Goods. The Resident shall not store or permit to be stored on the Premises, or any part of the Village, any material or goods other than material or goods reasonably required by the Resident for use for household or recreational purposes unless BVB first consents thereto and which consent may be revoked by BVB at any time. Nor shall the Resident do or permit anything to be done which may in any way invalidate or violate the terms of any relevant insurance policy or which might cause the premium thereon to be increased.
Storage of Goods. Products ready for shipment must be collected immediately, otherwise, after thirty (30) days following the notification for the readiness for dispatch, the Supplier is entitled to store them at the risk and cost of the Buyer and to charge the Buyer, for every commenced month of delay, a storage charge at the rate of 0.5 % of the total price of the products for which the delivery is delayed, up to the maximum 5 % of the price. If the products are not collected timely, the risk of damage or loss of the products passes to the Buyer after thirty (30) days following the Supplier`s notification that the products are ready for dispatch.
Storage of Goods. If the Services include the storage of goods at the Site then the following provisions apply:
Storage of Goods. PSA may store the Goods in the open if deemed appropriate and suitable by PSA.
Storage of Goods. 21.1 Residents shall not store dangerous goods, such as explosives, firearms, illegal substances or large quantities (> than 1litre) of flammable solvents in their units
Storage of Goods. 9 You must ensure that the Goods are always kept at the New Zealand address specified in the Specific Terms as the address where the Goods are to be kept. You must keep the Goods in a safe place and take all reasonable care to protect the Goods against any form of seizure by a third party. If the Goods become subject to any form of seizure, you will indemnify us on demand for all of our costs in connection with the seizure of the Goods. You must comply with the law 10 You must always comply with all of the relevant laws in connection with the use, storage and possession of the Goods. You must not deal with or modify the Goods 11 You must not sell, lend, lease, transfer, grant any security interest in, modify or otherwise deal with the Goods (or even attempt to do so) without first obtaining our written consent. You must arrange insurance cover 12 You must at your own expense insure the Goods with a reputable insurer against all loss and/or damage. If we request, you must provide us with details and evidence of insurance. Costs and Indemnity 13 You must immediately pay us any amounts spent by us preparing, executing, registering, renewing or discharging this lease or a financing statement or in protecting our interests or rights in the Goods or under this lease or to remedy any failure by you to meet any of your obligations under this lease (including, in each case, our legal expenses charged on a solicitor and own client basis). 14 You will indemnify us on demand against any loss, cost, liability or expense incurred at any time by us as a direct or indirect result of our enforcement of any of our rights or remedies in this lease, or as a direct or indirect result of any breach of any of your obligations under this lease, including all costs and expenses (including 3rd party appraisal expenses) incurred by us in restoring the Goods to the condition which satisfies the requirements of clause 6. You are to notify us of changes 15 You must notify us immediately in writing if you change your name or address or if there are any changes to any of the data required to register a financing statement under the PPSA in respect of this lease including, but not restricted to, any of the information in the Specific Terms or any credit application completed for the purposes of this lease.
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Storage of Goods. Until property in goods passes to the Purchaser, the Purchaser must, as bailee of the goods, keep the goods stored separately and in a manner which enables them to be identified and cross-referenced to particular invoices.
Storage of Goods. If Bridgelux arranges for Supplier to store Bridgelux’s Goods, products, components, and/or materials at Supplier’s facility(ies) (“Stored Goods”), all rights, title to, and ownership of the Stored Goods shall remain in Bridgelux and Supplier shall not at any time take any action inconsistent with Bridgelux’s ownership, title, and rights in the Stored Goods. Supplier shall bear all risk of loss and damage with respect to the Stored Goods from receipt until return to Bridgelux and shall at its sole expense insure all Stored Goods against any loss and damage with a reputable insurance carrier. Supplier shall at all times maintain the traceability and trackability of the Stored Goods and shall keep all Stored Goods under 24 hour security. Upon Bridgelux’s request, Supplier shall promptly provide all information requested by Bridgelux regarding the Stored Goods. Upon reasonable advanced notice (which shall not exceed three (3) business days), Supplier shall permit inspection of the Stored Goods; and make Stored Goods available for shipment to the recipient or destination identified by Bridgelux or permit Bridgelux and its agents and representatives to enter Supplier’s premise to obtain possession of any Stored Goods. Supplier agrees not to pledge, sell, lease, mortgage or encumber, dispose of, or subject to a lien or security interest any Stored Goods.
Storage of Goods. 21.1. Storage of Goods in the Storage Unit is at your sole risk. The Proprietor does not insure or hold liability for the insurance of any goods held within the Storage Units subject to conditions 21.3 and 21.4.
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