Statement of Transactions Sample Clauses

Statement of Transactions. The Lender shall send to the Borrower a statement of the transactions made, at intervals determined by the parties.
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Statement of Transactions. On or before the first day of each month, CONTRACTOR shall deliver to Auditor-Controller a correct statement showing the total number of transactions and the dollar amount of transactions per day from each ATM for the calendar month a month and day in arrears. The statement shall be signed by CONTRACTOR or his responsible agent.
Statement of Transactions. Southfield Corporation and Class Counsel will receive from the Escrow Agent a monthly statement of the transaction details upon completion of any transaction involving the Escrow Funds.
Statement of Transactions. You may obtain a 60-day history of account transactions (a “Statement of Transactions”) by contacting us as provided in Contact Information and requesting a copy for a fee. You may also view your transactions online at no charge. Balance information is available online, by telephone or through mobile alerts. Discover Fraud Liability Guarantee. Under Discover Operating Regulations, your liability for unauthorized Discover debit transactions on your Card Account is zero if you notify us within two (2) business days and you are not grossly negligent or fraudulent in the handling of your Card. If you have reported more than two unauthorized events in the last 12 months or if you derived benefit from the unauthorized use of the card, your liability will fall under the dispute process detailed in the next sections.
Statement of Transactions. Within five (5) Business Days following the scheduled date for reconcilement, as set forth in the Services’ Setup Form(s), or receipt of the final Check Issue File for the current reconcilement period as set forth in the Services’ Setup Form(s), Bank will forward to the address provided by Customer a fully reconciled report including a listing in check number sequence of all outstanding paid, issued, voided, stopped and cancelled items from the statement schedule. Customer shall review the listing and report any errors as set forth in the Cash Management Master Agreement between Bank and Customer.
Statement of Transactions. You may obtain records of your use of your Card (a “Statement of Transac- tions”) by requesting a copy of such records by contacting us as provided in Contact Information. In case of errors or questions about your Card, or if any records you see show transactions that you believe you did not make, notify us as soon as possible. We must hear from you no later than forty-five (45) days from the transaction date on which the problem or error occurred (the “Review Period”). To make a timely claim for a discrepancy, you must provide us with the following information within the Review Period: • Your name, telephone number and address; • Your Card number; • Identify the date of the transaction and the specific transaction(s) being questioned, including the dollar amount of the suspected error or discrepancy, the location, time and any other information about the transaction that you can provide; and • Explain as clearly and completely as you can why you believe it is an error or discrepancy, providing any names and contact information of other persons involved in the error or discrepancy, copies of any receipts and other relevant documentation and any other information available to you that you believe would be helpful to resolving the problem. If you notify us orally, we may require that you file a written report within ten (10) business days. If we do not receive the written report within ten (10) business days, we are not obligated to proceed to investigate your claim. Generally, we will report the results of our investigation within ten (10) business days after we receive all information we believe we need to properly investigate and answer your claim (the “Initial Investigation Period”). If we determine that there is an error in your Cardholder Account caused by us or one of our service providers, we will correct any error promptly and credit your Cardholder Account as appropriate. If we need more time to investigate your claim, we may take up to a total of forty-five (45) calendar days (after the time we receive all information we need to investigate the claim) to complete our investigation of your complaint or question. If we determine that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation within three (3) business days after we finish our investigation. If we determine that there was an error, we will credit your account and confirm that fact in writing for you. You may request copies of documents that we may have used in our investigation if you...
Statement of Transactions. 3/end/93 and every I_month (Date and Interval)
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  • Settlement of Transactions 1. The Company shall proceed to a settlement of all transactions upon execution of such transactions.

  • Reporting of Transactions The Subadviser shall provide each Fund’s custodian on each business day with information relating to all transactions concerning the Assets and shall provide the Adviser with such information upon request of the Adviser and shall otherwise shall cooperate with and provide reasonable assistance to the Adviser, the Trust’s administrator, the Trust’s custodians and foreign custodians, the Trust’s transfer agent and pricing agents, and all other agents and representatives of the Trust.

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