Statement Period definition

Statement Period means the statement period specified in the Schedule.
Statement Period means the “statement period” determined by us and set out on the front of your Account statement.
Statement Period means the monthly or other periodic intervals indicated in the Statement of Account.

Examples of Statement Period in a sentence

  • When you receive your statement, it will set out your: • Statement Period • Balance • Minimum Payment • Payment Due Date You must pay at least the Minimum Payment by the Payment Due Date every Statement Period.

  • The monthly interest charge for a balance type is the sum of the daily unpaid balances on your Account for that balance type multiplied by the applicable Daily Percentage Rate, for each day in the Statement Period.

  • To calculate that interest, We multiply the applicable daily percentage rate by the daily unpaid balance of its balance type (including related fees and interest) for each day of that Statement Period, and then add those amounts together.

  • The interest charge will be debited to your Account at the end of each Statement Period and is the sum of the monthly interest charges for each different balance type.

  • The following is a list of individuals and their respective titles that provided services during the Statement Period.

More Definitions of Statement Period

Statement Period means the dates shown on each of the statements of account that are provided to you by us.
Statement Period. : shall mean the period the Bank issues Card Statement from the date after the statement date of the previous period to the end of statement date of the current period.
Statement Period means the “statement period” determined by us and set out on the front of your account statement. Unauthorized Use of your account or any Credit Device means use or access to your account by a person other than you or any authorized user on your account who does not have actual, implied or apparent authority for such use and from which neither you nor an authorized user receives any benefit. 10061866 8979_00001E_M
Statement Period means the frequency in which invoicing and statements will be delivered and reflects the period in which the applicable Service(s) were delivered.
Statement Period means the period as determined by the Bank in which all Cash Withdrawal, Retail Purchase, including any fees and/or charges of whatsoever nature incurred using the Debit Card including any payment made to credit to the Debit Card account and all other Transactions whatsoever as may be appropriate are recorded by the Bank and indicated in the Statement of Account.
Statement Period means the period starting the day after your previous statement date and ending on the date of your next statement; “Temporary Card” means the Card that we give you to allow you to make Purchases at Retailer stores or Retailer websites as soon as you have opened your Account;
Statement Period means the time interval to which such Statement relates.