Current Version Sample Clauses

Current Version. The most current version of this Agreement can be reviewed by clicking on the xxxxx://xxxx.xxxxxxxxx/license-agreement-and-terms-of-purchase/ hypertext link located in the home page for the service. Licensee and users should check the terms from time to time, as they are bound by the terms so posted from and after the time the changes are posted. Any revised terms shall supersede all previous versions. BASE Contact Email Address: Updated on December 19th, 2019
Current Version. Subject to Section 3.2, during the Term, IPIX will offer to eBay the most current version of the Services offered by IPIX, provided that eBay will not be obligated to introduce or accept such version until eBay is ready to introduce or accept such version and has approved such version pursuant to the approval process set forth in Section 2.2 (c). IPIX will have no obligation to offer individual features of a version separate from the version as a whole.
Current Version. You agree to use only the most recent version of the Installed Software provided by UPS and to destroy all copies of any previous versions of the Installed Software superseded by the current version.
Current Version. You acknowledge and agree that failure to use the most recent version of UPS WorldShip software and the UPS Databases may result in the application of a manual processing charge as provided by the document describing UPS services for small package shipments and freight movements available from the country of origin, terms and conditions for such services and fees for such services (“UPS Terms and Conditions of Carriage/Service”) as applicable for the country of origin in effect at the time of shipping.
Current Version. Pursuant to Section X.1(e), the Licensed Product shall be SAV Xxxx Engine version 4.3 within the next twelve (12) months.
Current Version. Subject to prior payment of the applicable fee as set forth on the Order, this Agreement provides to You and your employees who are allowed to use the Software Technology (“Authorized User”) a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-assignable license, to use internally, the then‑current calendar year version(s) of the AAI Software conditioned on your continued compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Current Version. The latest release of the Licensed Software, --------------- including the most recent upgrades.
Current Version. Contractor shall ensure that all hardware, software, and firmware is operating at the most current and fully supported version at the time of staging system acceptance testing.
Current Version. “Packaged” application and system software shall be the most current version generally available as of the date of the physical installation of the software.