Flex Time definition

Flex Time means a process in which an employee’s hours are adjusted within the same work week. A work week is defined as the period of one hundred sixty-eight (168) consecutive hours beginning Sunday and ending on Saturday. Flex Time must have prior approval by the Supervisor.
Flex Time means time taken off hour-for-hour for excess time worked in the same pay period. Flex time is typically used by employees on alternate work schedules, flexible schedules, or FLSA exempt workers.
Flex Time means a work scheduling system which allows employees to alter their own work hours within parameters set by the appointing authority and with prior approval of the employee’s supervisor.

Examples of Flex Time in a sentence

  • Flex Time shall mean the ability of the employee to change work hours within the work day or to change work days within the work week.

  • Flex Time: Non-traditional work schedule practice which allows full-time employees to change their individual starting and end times within certain limits, with supervisory approval.

  • The District shall provide Flex Time credit, hour for hour, for all new Full-Time Faculty Members who attend.

  • The Company will implement the National Flex Time Program effective the date of ratification.

  • Flex Time Off (FTO) provides all full-time staff members with paid time away from work that can be used for personal time, personal illness, or time off to care for dependents.

More Definitions of Flex Time

Flex Time means work schedules which do not comply with the standard work schedule for the Unit. Flex-time may include, but is not limited to, flexible schedules, job sharing and four-day work weeks.
Flex Time means an alternate work schedule occurring in a work week that is mutually agreed to by the Employee and his/her supervisor.
Flex Time means an alternate work schedule occurring in a work week that is mutually agreed to by the employee and his/her supervisor. In a flex time arrangement, overtime is paid during the workweek for any hours exceeding 10 (ten) in one (1) work day or forty (40) in a work week.
Flex Time. An approved absence which: • is deducted from Flex Credits; • may include core time; and • may create a flex debit provided that this debit is not more than 10 hours at the completion of the pay fortnight.
Flex Time. Means the release from duty before the end of a shift, or permission to report late to start a shift. Any such scheduled flex time shall be for a specific number of hours which have been approved by the watch commander, or station supervisor, and specifically marked on time cards as negotiation flex time. Leave balances or a schedule adjustment may be used for this purpose.
Flex Time means an employer policy allowing individual employees some flexibility in choosing the time, but not the number, of their working hours to facilitate the use of alternative modes.
Flex Time shall be defined as approved hours of work beyond a seven (7) hour work day that are accumulated at straight time.