Clearing Agent Sample Clauses

Clearing Agent. Clearing Agent represents and warrants that:
Clearing Agent herein agrees to promptly notify the Introducing Firm upon the occurrence of any event, including but not limited to, physical damage to Clearing Agent's transmitting facilities, that would materially affect Clearing Agent's ability to make TRACE reporting on behalf of the Introducing Firm.
Clearing Agent. 1. Services to be Performed by the Clearing Agent; Covenants of the Clearing Agent.
Clearing Agent. The Clearing Agent shall indemnify and hold the Introducing Firm harmless from and against any losses, claims, damages, liabilities or expenses including without limitation those asserted by its Introduced Accounts (which shall include, but not be limited to, all costs of defense and investigation and all reasonable attorney's fees) to which the Introducing Firm may become subject, insofar as such losses, claims, damages, liabilities or expenses arise out of or are based upon any of the following:

Related to Clearing Agent

  • Clearing Account If the Servicer finds it necessary to use a clearing account, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Securities Intermediary Securities Intermediary is a “securities intermediary” (as that term is defined in Section 8-102(a)(14) of the UCC) and is acting in such capacity with respect to the Reserve Account. Securities Intermediary is not a “clearing corporation” (as that term is defined in Section 8-102(a)(5) of the UCC).

  • Depository Bank With respect to any Deposit Accounts, (i) maintain the Deposit Accounts at the banks (a “Depository Bank”) described on Annex B-1 or such additional depository banks as described in the notices given pursuant to clause (iv) of this Section 6(q) as have complied with item (iv) hereof, (ii) upon request of the Secured Party, deliver to each depository bank a letter in the form of Annex C hereto with respect to Secured Party’s Rights in such Deposit Account (or on such other reasonable form as may be provided by the Depository Bank) and use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the execution of such letter by each Depository Bank that the pledge of such Deposit Account has been recorded in the books and records of such bank and that Secured Party shall have dominion and control over such Deposit Account; (iii) upon request of the Secured Party, deliver to Secured Party all certificates or instruments, if any, now or hereafter representing or evidencing the Deposit Accounts, accompanied by duly executed instruments of transfer or assignment in blank, all in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Secured Party; and (iv) notify Secured Party upon establishing any additional Deposit Accounts and, at the request of Secured Party, use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain from such depository bank an executed letter substantially in the form of Annex C (or on such other reasonable form as may be provided by the Depository Bank) and deliver the same to Secured Party. Secured Party agrees not to exercise control over such Deposit Account unless an Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing.

  • Depository Depository shall mean The Depository Trust Company ("DTC"), a clearing agency registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Section 17A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ("Exchange Act"), its successor or successors and its nominee or nominees. The term "Depository" shall further mean and include any other person authorized to act as a depository under the 1940 Act, its successor or successors and its nominee or nominees, specifically identified in a certified copy of a resolution of the Board.

  • Depository Banks The Borrowers and their Subsidiaries will maintain the Administrative Agent as its principal depository bank, including for the maintenance of operating, administrative, cash management, collection activity, and other deposit accounts for the conduct of its business.

  • Depositary The Company will cooperate with the Underwriters and use its best efforts to permit the Notes to be eligible for clearance and settlement through the facilities of the Depositary.

  • Securities Depository The Fund agrees to maintain settlement of the VMTP Shares in global book entry form through the Securities Depository or such other clearance system acceptable to Xxxxx Fargo.

  • Global Agent The entity selected by Xxxxxxx Mac to act as its global, calculating, transfer, authenticating and paying agent for the Original Notes, which as of the Closing Date is U.S. Bank, and who will act as calculating, authenticating and paying agent with respect to the MAC Notes pursuant to the direction of the Exchange Administrator.

  • Principal Depository Borrower shall maintain its principal depository and operating accounts with Bank.

  • Notices to Clearing Agency Whenever a notice or other communication to the Noteholders is required under this Indenture, unless and until Definitive Notes shall have been issued to such Note Owners pursuant to Section 2.12, the Indenture Trustee shall give all such notices and communications specified herein to be given to Holders of the Notes to the Clearing Agency, and shall have no obligation to such Note Owners.