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Petroleum coke means a residue high in carbon content and low in hydrogen that is the final product of thermal decomposition in the condensation process in cracking.
Petroleum coke means a solid residue that is the final product of the condensation process in cracking. It consists primarily of highly polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons very poor in hydrogen. Calcination of petroleum coke can yield almost pure carbon or artificial graphite suitable for production of carbon or graphite electrodes, structural graphite, motor brushes, dry cells, etc. This type of product is referred to as calcined coke. Petroleum coke is also designated as Marketable and Catalyst:
Petroleum coke means a solid residue consisting mainly of carbon which is derived either from the cracking of petroleum hydrocarbons in a refinery coker unit (petroleum coke) or from the destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulphur bituminous coal (coal coke).

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  • Petroleum coke; For coal and petroleum coke, fees shall be paid on the annual quantity of emissions as calculated pursuant to 95203(i).

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Petroleum coke means a solid carbonaceous residue produced from a coker after cracking and distillation from petroleum refining operations, including such residues produced by petroleum upgraders in addition to petroleum refining.
Petroleum coke means a black solid residue, obtained mainly by cracking and carbonizing of petroleum derived feedstocks, vacuum bottoms, tar and pitches in processes such as delayed coking or fluid coking. It consists mainly of carbon (90 to 95 percent), has low ash content, and may be used as a feedstock in coke ovens. This product is also known as marketable coke.
Petroleum coke means the solid non-volatile carbon residue left after the distillation and cracking of petroleum,
Petroleum coke means a solid substance that:
Petroleum coke means a solid resi­ due, the final product of the condensa­ tion process in cracking, consisting mainly of highly polycyclic aromatic hy­ drocarbons very poor in hydrogen, in­ cluding petroleum coke which when cal­ cinated yields almost pure carbon or arti­ ficial graphite suitable for production of carbon or graphite electrodes, structural graphite, motor brushes, dry cells, etc. It includes both forms listed below:

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