Delivery Point definition

Delivery Point means the point at which Buyer receives Seller’s Product, as identified in Section 3.1(d).
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Delivery Point means the point at which the Product will be delivered and received, as specified in the Transaction.
Delivery Point means each of the points of direct Interconnection between PJM and the NYISO Balancing Authority Areas. Such Delivery Point(s) shall include the Interconnection Facilities between the PJM and the New York Balancing Authority Areas.

Examples of Delivery Point in a sentence

Electrical characteristics• Three phase alternating current• Nominal declared frequency : 50.0 Hz• Final Voltage at Delivery Point: 220/132/66 kV (Pooling stations)Short circuit rating: (As a part of the detailed design process, the Power Producer shall calculate the short circuit rating (minimum and maximum), and supply this information to the GETCO).Note: The tolerances & Electrical characteristics variations will be as per GETCO performance Standards.

Provide a complete address for the Delivery Point.)**** ARTICLE F.4. DELIVERIES Satisfactory performance of this contract shall be deemed to occur upon performance of the work described in the [Description/Specification/Workstatement/Statement of Work] Article in SECTION C of this contract and upon delivery and acceptance by the Contracting Officer, or the duly authorized representative, of the [Services/Supplies/Items] specified in the Delivery Schedule which are described in SECTION C of this contract.

If so stipulated in the Company’s written acknowledgement of order, the Customer shall provide at the Delivery Point and at its expense adequate and appropriate equipment and manual labour for unloading and loading the Goods.

The Goods will be delivered to the Delivery Point, which shall be a ground floor entrance location.

If delivery involves difficult access to or at the Delivery Point and/or the Delivery Point is located at a substantial distance from any feasible vehicular access point, the Company reserves the right to levy an extra delivery charge.

More Definitions of Delivery Point

Delivery Point means the point(s) of connection(s) at which energy is delivered into the Grid System i.e. the Interconnection Point.
Delivery Point means the point of interconnection to the CAISO Grid and, for payment purposes, the corresponding PNode.
Delivery Point means any of the colliery sidings or Colliery Loading Points, as the case may be, in the designated Coal mine of the Seller as per Schedule I, and/ or the location(s)/ port(s) identified by the Seller at which the Seller delivers Imported Coal in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Delivery Point. ; shall mean the point(s) of connection(s) at which energy is delivered into the Grid System i.e. the Interconnection Point.
Delivery Point means the point identified in Section 4 of Schedule A where Energy and Ancillary Services are to be Delivered.
Delivery Point means the Site or such other place as is specified in the Contract Specifics as the place for the delivery of the Goods.
Delivery Point means a specific geographic area within which warehouses are listed and approved by the LME for the issue of Warrants.