SECURE Sample Clauses

SECURE. When leaving the car, it must be locked and all safety measures must be put into effect. The car must be parked in a closed area at night. Never leave bags in the car or other items that may seem interesting to burglars.
SECURE. With the Hosting Add-On SECURE Swizzonic Ltd. provides you the opportunity to order SSL Certificates as described in the respective specifications published on the website of Swizzonic Ltd. for SECURE and the applicable terms of use of the third-party provider.
SECURE. You have made a significant investment in Licensed Program to lead Your organization to success. You need support that helps protect and enhance Your investment. The SECURE package is the fundamental level of support available to help You maximize Your PLM investment. The SECURE package includes the following Support Services: Service Request managementDefect Management You can go online to submit Your incidents (only incidents related to material malfunction in Licensed Program), check their status, manage Your support account and create a single view of all of Your incidents and share it with everyone in Your company. This online service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (subject to temporary unavailability for system maintenance).
SECURE. With the Hosting Option SECURE, switchplus ltd. provides you the opportunity to order SSL Certificates in accordance with the current Factsheet - SECURE and the applicable terms of use of the third party provider.
SECURE. If the Lender requires that the Borrower provide some form of security that the debt owed will be paid then select the second checkbox of Article 2. In addition to making this selection, list all the property that the Lender may seize should the Borrower violate this agreement or become delinquent in the repayment of the borrowed amount. This list should contain information that will clearly identify the security. For instance, if the Borrower is using his or her car as security, then the make, model, year, odometer reading, VIN (vehicle identification number), and Title number should be documented here. Do not list any property that the Borrower does not agree to release to the Lender as security for an unpaid amount of this loan. Article 14 Co-Signer (15) No Co-Signer. Article 14 will seek to document the Co-Signer status of this loan. If the Lender does not require the Borrower to obtain a Co-Signer to support the Borrower’s promise of repayment then the first checkbox of this section must be selected. (16)
SECURE. The Vancouver School Board will endeavour to provide that there sufficient secure (lockable) storage for each employee's personal effects at each worksite. The precise arrangements will be worked out on a worksite-by-worksite basis.
SECURE. You will get more rights if you become a Secure Tenant. As a Secure Tenant you have the right, subject to meeting necessary criteria or getting the permission, to: • live in your home for the rest of your life as long as you continue to comply with the agreementbuy your home at a discount, after a qualifying periodpass on your home to someone who is qualified to take over your tenancy in the event of your death, or by Court Order • take in lodgers and sub-let part of your home (although you should note that this may affect any housing benefits that you are receiving) • have your home repaired (some repairs are the responsibility of the tenant while others are the responsibility of the Council - contact the Council for further information) • carry out improvements to your home, with our written permission 3/15 • be compensated for certain improvements you have made if you move home, providing you were given written approval before the work was carried out • help to manage your estateexchange your property for another one, with our written permission • be consulted on housing management matters • be given information about how your Council runs the homes it owns Demoting your Secure Tenancy When you are a Secure Tenant, the Council has the right to apply to the County Court to change your tenancy status from Secure to Demoted, which is similar to an Introductory Tenancy, if you do not comply with this agreement and its terms and conditions.
SECURE. 8. Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection Provides for rights of individuals to access information about their Personal Information, and the right to change inaccurate Personal Information. • Note that the Scottish Parliament has approved a stronger Freedom of Information Act, and that territories (Isle of Man, Bailiwick of Guernsey, and Jersey) have also approved additional data protection acts. EXHIBIT F