Significant Investment definition

Significant Investment means any acquisition by the Borrower or a Subsidiary of more than 50% (but less than 100%) of the Equity Interests in a Person (such Person, the “Subject Person”), so long as such acquisition is permitted by Section 6.04.
Significant Investment means a capital equipment investment of 50 percent or greater of the initial capital equipment investment. The equipment project must be completed in three years or less. Should a facility remove all wind turbines and existing pads and install new wind turbines on new pads, the facility is a new facility and not a repurposed facility.
Significant Investment means an investment with a purchase price in excess of $500 million. To the extent that as a result of the investment the consolidated Debt of Comcast would increase, the purchase price for such investment shall be deemed to include a pro rata portion (corresponding to the percentage of the business or entity acquired pursuant to the investment) of the value of such incremental Debt.

Examples of Significant Investment in a sentence

  • Any 13.10 Termination Payment shall be calculated according to a formula mutually agreed upon by the Parties at the time of Approval of the Significant Investment.

  • At end of the Term (other than a termination pursuant to Sections 13.2, 13.3, 13.4, 13.5, 13.8 or 13.9), Provider shall have an opportunity to recover an amount equal to the Unamortized Amount of any pre -Approved Significant Investment where the opportunity to earn such Incentive Compensation would otherwise extend beyond the Term (an “13.10 Termination Payment”).

  • Significant Investment - Greater than 5% of net assets.f - Level 2 Investment.g - Illiquid.

More Definitions of Significant Investment

Significant Investment means an Investment or series of related Investments, taken together, valued at more than 50% of the Collateral Value that is in excess of the then-applicable Threshold Amount.
Significant Investment means each Investment or series of related Investments of at least $1,000,000 made pursuant to Section 9.05(xx) or (xxi).
Significant Investment in the service means the cost of implementing such programmes as introducing a food waste collection to all flats in the city. The panel would like to explore with the recycling team various ideas that might increase the recycling rate which do not require significant investment.
Significant Investment means, with respect to any Person, the ownership of equity interests in such Person that (a) entitle the holder thereof to at least 19% of the profits and losses of, or distributions of assets from, such Person and (b) either (i) constitute at least 19% of the voting securities of such Person or (ii) entitle the holder thereof to appoint or designate at least one member of the board of directors, board of managers, or similar governing body of (A) such Person or (B) such Person’s general partner, managing member, or similar Person having the ultimate authority to manage the business and affairs of such Person.
Significant Investment any investment in a Person by a Shareholder that results in such Shareholder (i) designating one or more members to the board of directors (or equivalent governing body) of such Person or (ii) otherwise acquiring the ability to exercise control over such Person.
Significant Investment means a reasonable amount, considering the reasonable capital requirements of the dealership, acquired and obtained from sources other than the licensee or any of its affiliates and not encumbered by the person's interest in the dealership.
Significant Investment means an interest or interests in one or more voting shares in a company and the total votes attached to that share, or those shares, is not less than 10% of the total votes attached to all the voting shares in the company (adapted from the definition of 10% Shareholders in the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2011).