School Improvement Plans Sample Clauses

School Improvement Plans. 34.1 No school improvement plan shall alter, violate or supersede this Agreement, except as mutually agreed in writing between the District and the Association. (2013)
School Improvement Plans. A. The Board and the Association encourage and support the concept of continued school improvement efforts designed to assist the School District to reach its mission. Any outcomes from school improvement efforts that call for change in any of the provisions of this Contract or affect wages, hours, terms or conditions of employment must be agreed to by both the Board and the Association before implementation of such changes.
School Improvement Plans. No School Improvement Plan (SIP) shall violate this Agreement.
School Improvement Plans. It is hereby agreed by and between undersigned parties with respect to the responsibility contained in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, as amended, 20 USC 6301 et seq., as well as in P.A. 25 of 1990 to adopt and implement school improvement plans and the continuing school improvement process for each school within the district, the parties hereby acknowledge and recognize that the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between them govern as to the wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment of teachers addressed therein and that those terms shall not be altered or modified through the school improvement process except by mutual agreement of the undersigned Board of Education and Association, executed in writing. Furthermore, notwithstanding the waiver of bargaining set forth in Article 22 of the collective bargaining agreement between them, the parties acknowledge and recognize the obligation to bargain with respect to any significant change in an established working condition made pursuant to any school improvement plan or process as may be otherwise required under the No Child Left Behind Act or the Public Employment Relations Act.
School Improvement Plans. 1. No School Improvement Plan (School Improvement Plan) provision shall alter, modify, violate or supersede, except as mutually agreed in writing by the Employer and the Association, this Agreement or any other formal or informal understanding, condition or practice established between the parties. The foregoing shall apply to any SIP the Employer intends to implement.
School Improvement Plans. In accordance with Ohio law and/or State Department of Education regulations, each building shall have a School Improvement Plan (SIP) team. It is the responsibility of the SIP team to recommend instructional intervention strategies to be implemented by the staff to improve student performance. Based upon the results of student assessments, these strategies should be developed by the SIP team representatives and the members in the grade level or department they represent. Academic programs recommended by the SIP team that may include components or mandates which conflict with any provision of this Agreement must follow the procedures in Section 3.41 of this Agreement.
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School Improvement Plans. 1. It is mutually agreed and understood that the school district will be in school improvement plans, or other similar plans which may be known by various names.
School Improvement Plans. A. A School Improvement Plan shall be defined as a plan, program or process required under Section 1277 of the School Code of 1976 (1990 P.A. 25) or corresponding provisions of the State School Aid Act, 1979 P.A. 94, as amended.
School Improvement Plans. 1. The provisions contained in this article shall apply to all School Improvement Plans (SIP) as provided in Public Act 197 of 1989, Section 15. This includes plans developed on both the district-wide level and the building level.
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