Withdraw Sample Clauses

Withdraw. A student may withdraw from the School at any time and enroll in another public school, as determined by District policy. The School shall work in conjunction with the parent(s) and the receiving school to ensure that such transfers minimize impact on the student's grades and academic achievement.
Withdraw money from any approved deposit account and use the money to make a payment under any approved loan account in order to implement any order to make a transfer of funds from the approved deposit account to the approved loan account given by you or on your behalf through the banking feature of Online Banking;
Withdraw. 2.1 The withdrawal of the loan must meet the following preconditions; otherwise the lender is not obligated to make any payment to the borrower, except that the lender agrees to make the loan in advance:
Withdraw money from any approved payment account in order to implement any order to make a payment from the account given by you or on your behalf through the xxxx payment feature of Online Banking;
Withdraw any Equipment listing from the Marketplace; (c) review and verify a listing's information and description; or (d) cancel any transaction that it deems to be suspicious or fraudulent and report it to applicable authorities. The information you provide during the Equipment listing process, combined with the Inspection Report, constitute the listing details for the Equipment (the "Listing Details"). You agree to fully, completely and accurately disclose to RB Group all information relating to the Equipment of which you are aware. Any information (including brand name or other indication of origin or manufacture) that you provide related to the Equipment must be complete and accurate, and you shall be responsible for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Equipment listings on the Marketplace may not include links to or a description of other items that you may have for sale outside of the Marketplace.
Withdraw. 1. the up to minimum amount of funds from his/her Manager Capital Account, if there are any Investor’s funds on the relevant PAMM account.
Withdraw a) The Purchaser may terminate this Agreement at any time before the Completion Date, and the Vendor shall return the deposit to the Purchaser without interest or deduction, if, prior to the Completion Date, a similar use is proposed within the Palmerston Industrial Park.
Withdraw. Any LEA that desires to withdraw its membership must send a letter to the MDRCOP Director, with a copy to the President of the MDRCOP JPA Superintendents Council at least 24 months prior to the end of the fiscal year proceeding when withdrawal is sought. All obligations of the LEA must be paid to the JPA prior to withdrawal, or the withdrawal becomes null and void. Any LEA withdrawing from the JPA forfeits any real or personal property or any other claims to any assets of the MDRCOP JPA upon withdrawal. All equipment purchased as part of the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools ROP shall remain with the LEA, but shall be returned to the MDRCOP JPA upon closure of the program from which the equipment was purchased. MDRCOP will work with the other Successors of the SBCSS ROP to determine the appropriate dispersal of the equipment. The MDRCOP JPA Superintendents Council will act upon the request for withdrawal at its next regularly scheduled meeting, provided the letter is received at least 10 days prior to said meeting. The MDRCOP JPA Superintendents Council’s approval of request for withdrawal will then be forwarded to the California Department of Education for its information if necessary pursuant to law.
Withdraw. A Party may withdraw from this Agreement upon one-hundred and eighty (180) days written notice to the Parties.