Hand Delivery Sample Clauses

Hand Delivery. Its actual receipt, if delivered personally, by courier service, or by facsimile provided that a copy of the facsimile Notice is mailed or personally delivered as set forth herein on the same day and the sending party has confirmation of transmission receipt of the Notice. If the copy is not sent on the same day, then notice shall be deemed effective the date that the mailing or personal delivery occurs.
Hand Delivery. Notices that are hand delivered shall be deemed to have been given and received when delivered to recipient or, if the recipient is unavailable or unwilling to accept delivery, then upon first non-holiday weekday delivery between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Hand Delivery. Personally delivered to the Corporation or the Holder or any director or officer of the Corporation or the Holder;
Hand Delivery if hand delivered to a party's address, on the day of delivery if a Business Day, otherwise on the next following Business Day;
Hand Delivery. Gentlemen: On this date, Compañía de Telecomunicaciones de Chile S.A. and Compañía de Telecomunicaciones de Chile Equipos y Servicios S.A. and Inversiones Telefónica Móviles Holding Limitada and TEM Inversiones Chile Limitada have signed a purchase agreement whereby the first two have transferred to the latter all of the shares they held in Telefónica Móvil de Chile S.A. under the conditions therein stipulated. Pursuant to the aforesaid document, on behalf of Compañía de Telecomunicaciones de Chile S.A., I hereby declare that Telefónica Móvil de Chile S.A. does not owe my principal any sum for the following reasons:
Hand Delivery. (A) If the Artwork is being hand delivered, the Artist or the Artist’s agent, shall deliver the Artwork to the following address: Foundation for Sex Positive Culture Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx 0000 00xx Xxx X. Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 (B) The Artist or the Artist’s agent must deliver the Artwork on Sunday, June 10, 2012, between 9:00am and 6:00pm. Festival personnel will not accept hand-delivered Artwork at any other time.
Hand Delivery. Notices hereunder shall become effective four business days after mailing by registered airmail, or one business day after sending by facsimile with simultaneous sending by courier or mail as provided above, or one business days after hand delivery. Upon execution of this Agreement, the parties shall provide each other with addresses and facsimile numbers for rendition of notices.
Hand Delivery. If by hand delivery, notice shall be deemed constructively made at the time of such delivery.
Hand Delivery. Its actual receipt, if delivered personally or by courier service.
Hand Delivery. A copy of a written reprimand will be hand delivered to the employee by the management representative responsible for the reprimand. The employee’s signature indicates receipt only, not agreement.