RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. Xxxx hereby agrees that it will provide the following at its sole cost and expense:
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RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. Xxxx or its Representative shall issue all communications to Vendor. City has the authority to request changes in the work in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and with the terms in Exhibit A. City has the authority to stop work or to suspend any work.
RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. Xxxx agrees: (a) that the Apartment and all common areas will be fit for use as a residential premises; (b) to keep the premises in reasonable repair and make the necessary repairs within a reasonable time after written notice by the Residents, except when a disrepair has been caused by the willful or negligent conduct of the Residents or Guests, and (c) to maintain the premises in compliance with applicable health and safety codes, except where a violation of health and safety codes has been caused by the willful or negligent conduct of the Residents or Guests.
RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. XXXX will provide IT Service Management to control the services described in this Agreement. XXXX will appoint a Team Leader who will have responsibility for:  Coordinating Support Center activities and responsibilities to address any service request that may arise.  Interfacing with the Customer for service issues and requests for changes.  With the Customer Service Contact, administer the Service Change Control Procedure described in this Agreement.  Delivering service reports to the Customer Service Contact.  Maintain service communications and reviewing any service improvement actions and progress with the customer Service Contact during execution of this Agreement on a regular basis.  XXXX shall not be responsible for any Government Tax Agency fines, Government Social Security Agencies Penalties and Local and State Tax Regulatory Forfeitures whatsoever.  XXXX shall not be responsible for labor disputes or any type of legal issue related to Customers and/or related or unrelated to services described in this document.
RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. In most cases, if AP resides in Oregon or a state serviced by a Xxxx branch office, Xxxx will perform required post-placement and post-adoption services, will prepare any required post-placement and post-adoption reports in the appropriate legal format, and will submit such reports to the appropriate persons or authorities. If post-placement or post-adoption services are performed by a cooperating agency, Xxxx will review and evaluate post-placement or post-adoption reports, and will submit such reports to the appropriate persons or authorities.
RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. 1. Provide, maintain and support the services for the library as described in Section III of this agreement, within the limits of XXXX’ resources, capacity, and expertise;
RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. 4.1 XXXX is responsible for the supply of Products and 2016 Product IMPs to KANGZHE. XXXX shall deliver Products and 2016 Product IMPs with the documents required by applicable law. In particular, XXXX shall deliver Products accompanied by a document that makes it possible to ascertain: the date, the name and pharmaceutical form of the Product, the quantity supplied, the name and address of the supplier and consignor, batch number of the Products.
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RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. Xxxx at its sole expense shall: (a) take possession of the Equipment on a date of its choosing being no later than January 31, 2015 (“Possession Date”); and (b) bear all transportation costs from the Seller’s Farm to the Xxxx Farm;.
RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. Section 4 of the QA shall be amended as follows:
RESPONSIBILITIES OF XXXX. The services to be provided by XXXX are described herein, in Attachment A, Attachment B (RFQ-19033), and Exhibit B (XXXX Fee Proposal Form). By signing this Contract, XXXX acknowledges that its responsibilities under this Contract are further described in the Contract Documents which include the Attachments A-C.
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