Branch office definition

Branch office. , in relation to a company, means any establishment described as such by the company;
Branch office means a sponsoring broker's office other
Branch office means a location of an agency having an address separate from the main or primary location of the agency where any or all of the certified functions of the agency may be conducted.

Examples of Branch office in a sentence

  • STATEWIDE will charge the Branch Two Hundred Fifty Dollars and No Cents ($250.00) per loan as an" Administrative Fee" to each Branch office.

  • ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Group Policy | UIN: CTTHLGP18101V021718 If You/Insured Person may have a grievance that requires to be redressed, You/ Insured Person may contact Us with the details of the grievance through: Our website: <<>> Email: <<>> Toll Free : <<0000-000-0000>> Contact No. : + 00 00 00000000 Fax: <<000 00000000>> Courier: Any of Our Branch office or corporate office during business hours.

More Definitions of Branch office

Branch office means any Department or AAA (Area Agency on Aging) office serving a program covered by this chapter of rules.
Branch office means any office in the United States established by or maintained by or under the control of a licensee for the purpose of rendering intermediary services, which office is located at an address different from that of the licensee’s designated home office.
Branch office means a real estate broker’s office other than a principal place of business.
Branch office means a location other than the main office at which a licensee or any person on behalf of a licensee acts as a mortgage lender, mortgage correspondent lender, mortgage broker or mortgage loan originator;
Branch office means an office that is:
Branch office means an office at or from which the firm practises, but which is not a main office;
Branch office means any office or location from which any dealer business of a Member is conducted;