ODUF Physical File Characteristics Sample Clauses

ODUF Physical File Characteristics. 6.2.1 ODUF will be distributed to TWTC via Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The ODUF feed will be a variable block format. The data on the ODUF feed will be in a non-compacted EMI format (175 byte format plus modules). It will be created on a daily basis Monday through Friday except holidays. Details such as dataset name and delivery schedule will be addressed during negotiations of the distribution medium. There will be a maximum of one dataset per workday per OCN. If AT&T determines the Secure FTP Mailbox is nearing capacity levels, AT&T may move the customer to CONNECT: Direct file delivery.

Related to ODUF Physical File Characteristics

  • PHYSICAL FITNESS Employees who successfully complete the voluntary physical fitness evaluation adopted by Nevada POST for category 1 thru 3 POST certification administered by the Elko County Sheriff’s Office, shall receive $250 the first full pay period after completion of the test. A signature by the Sheriff on the physical fitness evaluation form and request for payment will satisfy the COUNTY’s need for proof of completion. The standards for successful completion of the physical fitness evaluation and any denial are not negotiable or subject to the negotiated grievance procedure.

  • Characteristics of Receivables Each Receivable is a Retail Installment Contract and: (A) (1) (i) was originated in the United States of America by a Dealer in connection with the retail sale of Financed Equipment in the ordinary course of such Dealer’s business, and (ii) was purchased by CNHICA from a Dealer and validly assigned by such Dealer to CNHICA in accordance with its terms, except that some of the Receivables were purchased by NH Credit from Dealers (after being originated as provided above), securitized in a previous CNH Equipment Trust and purchased by CNHICA through the exercise of a clean-up call relating to that previous securitization or (2) was originated in the United States of America by CNHICA in connection with the financing or refinancing, as applicable, of Financed Equipment in the ordinary course of CNHICA’s business, and in the case of the foregoing clauses (1) and (2), was fully and properly executed by the parties thereto, (B) has created a valid, subsisting and enforceable first priority security interest in the Financed Equipment in favor of CNHICA except to the extent that such security interest has been assigned by CNHICA to CNHCR, by CNHCR to the Issuing Entity and by the Issuing Entity to the Indenture Trustee, (C) contains customary and enforceable provisions such that the rights and remedies of the holder thereof are adequate for realization against the collateral of the benefits of the security, and (D) provides for fixed payments on a periodic basis that fully amortize the Amount Financed by maturity and yield interest at the Annual Percentage Rate.

  • Personnel File An employee, or the President of the Union, or his/her designate, with the written authority of the employee, shall be entitled to review the employee's personnel file(s), both paper and, if applicable, electronic, in the office in which the file is normally kept, in order to facilitate the investigation of a grievance. The employee or the President, as the case may be, shall give the Employer adequate notice prior to having access to such file(s).

  • Physical Exams The Employer agrees to provide without cost to employees, physical examinations and/or other appropriate tests when such tests are deemed necessary by management to determine whether the health of employees is being or has been adversely affected by exposure to potentially harmful physical agents, toxic materials, or infectious agents, or by attacks and assaults. The Employer agrees to provide to each affected employee who requests it a complete and accurate written report of any such medical examination or other appropriate tests related to occupational exposure. Additionally, written results of an industrial hygiene measurements or investigations related to an employee's occupational exposure will also be provided, upon request, to the employee or the employee's authorized representative. The Union and/or members of the applicable Health and Safety Committee will be provided copies of summary reports, but such reports will not contain personally identifying information.