Reprimand Sample Clauses

Reprimand. If the Agency has reason to reprimand an employee, it shall be done in such a manner that will not embarrass the employee before other employees or the public.
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Reprimand. A formal record of an interview with an employee who has been informed that more serious disciplinary action will be taken unless there is immediate and permanent improvement in the employee's productivity and/or behavior. A copy of this record of reprimand must be given to the employee, a copy retained by the department, and a copy sent to the City Manager Department for inclusion in the employee's official personnel file.
Reprimand. If the Appointing Authority has reason to reprimand a teacher, it shall be done in such a manner that will not embarrass the teacher before other teachers, students, or the public.
Reprimand. A reprimand is a statement of official censure in a formal letter to the professional employee from the School Committee and/or its agents for a serious violation.
Reprimand. 2nd offence …… 2 to 3 days suspension 3rd offence ….. DISMISSAL
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Reprimand. An Appointing Authority or his/her designee may reprimand an employee by furnishing him/her with a statement, in writing, of the specific reasons for such reprimand. A copy of notice of the reprimand shall be included in the employee's personnel file, and shall not be subject to appeal, but the employee and/or his/her representative shall have the right to discuss the reprimand with the Appointing Authority or his/her designee. The Appointing Authority or his/her designee may correct the reprimand, or notice of reprimand, at his/her discretion. The employee may submit a written response that shall be placed in his/her personnel file.
Reprimand b. suspension without pay up to a maximum of five working days;
Reprimand. Second Offence . .. 1 Day Suspension Third Offence . . . 3 Days Suspension Fourth Offence .
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