Reprimand Sample Clauses

Reprimand. If the Agency has reason to reprimand an employee, it shall be done in such a manner that will not embarrass the employee before other employees or the public.
Reprimand. A formal record of an interview with an employee who has been informed that more serious disciplinary action will be taken unless there is immediate and permanent improvement in the employee's productivity and/or behavior. A copy of this record of reprimand must be given to the employee, a copy retained by the department, and a copy sent to the City Manager Department for inclusion in the employee's official personnel file.
Reprimand. If the Appointing Authority has reason to reprimand a teacher, it shall be done in such a manner that will not embarrass the teacher before other teachers, students, or the public.
Reprimand. If an employee is formally reprimanded concerning unacceptable conduct or performance, it will be done with the Shop Xxxxxxx present. When a disciplinary meeting has occurred, a written notice including particulars of the work performance or behaviour which led to such dissatisfaction shall within ten working days of the reprimand be forwarded to the employee, with copies to the Union and Human Resources. If the employee is unavailable for this disciplinary meeting, the Employer will notify the employee and the Union of the reprimand in writing. If neither of these procedures has been followed, the reprimand may not be used against the employee in a warning or dismissal procedure. An employee may respond in writing to the reprimand, and such response will become part of the employee’s record. Reprimands issued in accordance with Article 13.3 will be removed from the employee’s file after two years of subsequent active employment during which no formal disciplinary action is taken.
Reprimand. 1. No employee shall be disciplined, reprimanded, reduced in rank or compensation or deprived of professional benefits provided in this Agreement without just cause. Any evidence of alleged misbehavior shall be immediately deleted from an employee’s personnel file if found to be untrue. Information forming the basis for the reduction of benefits provided in this Agreement will be available to the employee and the Association.
Reprimand. When it becomes necessary for a supervisor to reprimand an employee, it shall be done with discretion and in a manner as not to cause public embarrassment to the employee. In the event that a written reprimand is issued that is to be made a part of the official personnel record of the employee, then the employee shall have access to the appeal procedure provided in Section 2113.14 of this Article. A written reprimand is the lowest disciplinary step. When a member is to receive a written reprimand, it shall be delivered to the member within fifteen (15) work days from the date of knowledge of the Deputy in charge thereof. (Work days are Monday through Friday, with Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded). Written reprimands shall remain part of the official personnel record of the employee for a period of one (1) year. An employee may request that the supervisor giving the reprimand cause the reprimand to be reduced to writing so that it can be appealed as provided in Section 2113.14 of this Article.
Reprimand. X. Xx official reprimand is a written disciplinary action that specifies the reasons for the action. The reprimand will specify that the employee may be subject to more severe disciplinary action upon any further offense and that a copy of the reprimand will be made a part of the personnel folder for up to two (2) years.
Reprimand. The General Manager may reprimand an employee by furnishing him/her with a statement, in writing, of the specific reasons for such reprimand. A copy of notice of the reprimand shall be included in the employee's personnel file and the employee shall have the right of rebuttal. The General Manager may correct the reprimand or notice of reprimand at his/her discretion.
Reprimand. The Supervisor may reprimand any employee for just cause. Such reprimand will be in writing and addressed to the employee. A signed copy will be placed in the employeespersonnel folder with a copy to the Union.