RCW Sample Clauses

RCW. Any specific information that is claimed by the Contractor to be Proprietary Information must be clearly identified as such by the Contractor. “Proprietary Information” means information owned by the Contractor to which the Contractor claims a protectable interest under law. Proprietary Information includes, but is not limited to, information protected by copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret laws. To the extent consistent with Chapter 42.56 RCW, DSHS will maintain the confidentiality of all such information marked Proprietary Information. If a public disclosure request is made to view the Contractor’s Proprietary Information, DSHS will notify the Contractor of the request and of the date that such records will be released to the requester unless the Contractor obtains a court order from a court of competent jurisdiction enjoining that disclosure. If the Contractor fails to obtain the court order enjoining disclosure, DSHS will release the requested information on the date specified.
RCW. Collective bargaining shall be conducted at the times mutually agreeable to the bargaining team named by each party.
RCW. The SEA shall provide legal defense including attorneys and agrees to indemnify and to defend the SPS and its representatives and hold each and all of them harmless from any and all claims, liabilities or costs which arise out of entering into or enforcement of this Section. The SPS agrees not to bring suit to invalidate this Section.
RCW. 3. The SPS and the SEA have reached certain understandings that they desire to confirm in this Agreement.
RCW. No contract or amendment required to be so filed is effective and no work thereunder shall be commenced nor payment made therefore until ten (10) working days following the date of filing, and, if required, until approved by DES. In the event DES fails to approve the contract or amendment, the contract shall be null and void.
RCW. Washington Law Against Discrimination. In the event of Contractor’s noncompliance or refusal to comply with any nondiscrimination law, regulation or policy, this Contract may be rescinded, canceled, or terminated in whole or in part under the Termination for Default sections, and Contractor may be declared ineligible for further contracts with HCA.
RCW. Its purpose is to advance the state legislative policy to provide a coordinated and comprehensive state and local program of services for persons with developmental disabilities.
RCW. A listing of Network Personal Physicians, specialists, women’s health care providers and KFHPWA- designated Specialists is available by contacting Member Services or accessing the KFHPWA website at xxx.xx.xxx/xx. See the Definitions Section XII. for more information on these providers. Receiving Care in another Xxxxxx Foundation Health Plan Service Area If you are visiting in the service area of another Xxxxxx Permanente region, visiting member services may be available from designated providers in that region if the services would have been covered under this Benefits Booklet. Visiting member services are subject to the provisions set forth in this Benefits Booklet including, but not limited to, Preauthorization and cost sharing. For more information about receiving visiting member services in other Xxxxxx Permanente regional health plan service areas, including provider and facility locations, please call Xxxxxx Permanente Member Services at (000) 000-0000 in the Seattle area, or toll-free in Washington, 1-888-901-4636. Information is also available online at xxx.xxx.xxx/xxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx.