RCW Sample Clauses

RCW or violation of similar laws of another jurisdiction. The Consultant shall remove from the Services any employee or other person who has engaged in such actions or who the School District reasonably considers objectionable at no cost to the School District. Failure to comply with these requirements is grounds for immediate termination of the Agreement.
RCW. If the sale is for a sum less than Port charges, the Port in entitled to assert a claim for a deficiency.
RCW and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, and in consideration of the mutual covenants
RCW. 10.93.030(5) defines the term “Specially Commissioned Washington Peace Officer” as any officer, whether part-time or full-time, compensated or not, commissioned by a general authority Washington law enforcement agency to enforce some or all of the criminal laws of the state of Washington, who does not qualify under this chapter as a general authority Washington peace officer for that commissioning agency, specifically including reserve peace officers, and specially commissioned full-time, fully compensated peace officers duly commissioned by the states of Oregon or Idaho or any such peace officer commissioned by a unit of local government of Oregon or Idaho. A reserve peace officer is an individual who is an officer of a Washington law enforcement agency who does not serve such agency on a full-time basis but who, when called by the agency into active service, is fully commissioned on the same basis as full-time peace officers to enforce the criminal laws of the state.
RCW. 10.93.070(2) provides in relevant part that a general authority Washington peace officer may enforce traffic and criminal laws throughout the territorial bounds of Washington upon the prior written consent of the sheriff or chief of police in whose primary territorial jurisdiction the exercise of the powers occurs.
RCW. 39.34.030 provides that any power or powers, privilege or authority exercised or capable of exercise by a Washington public agency may, by agreement, be exercised and enjoyed jointly with any other public agency in any other state to the extent that the laws of such state permit such joint exercise or enjoyment.
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