Public Benefits Sample Clauses

Public Benefits. The following public benefits shall be provided:
Public Benefits. A central element of this Lease is the identification of and Tenant’s commitment to the ongoing provision of certain public benefits as described herein. In fulfillment of Tenant’s commitment, from and after the Date of Possession, Tenant shall operate or cause to be operated the Campus for the use set forth in Section 4.1 below and shall perform or ensure the provision of certain “Public Benefits” during the Term of this Lease, all at no cost to Commission. The Public Benefits generally include but are not limited to the following: operation of the Campus as a Lifelong Learning Center open and accessible to the public; provision of services and programs consistent with such use; provision of facilities conducive to public enjoyment of the Campus as a Lifelong Learning Center; and provision of ancillary benefits to the Port Xxxxxxxx community resulting from such operation of the Campus. The Parties acknowledge that the scope and nature of Public Benefits may change as the Lifelong Learning Center matures. A Public Benefits Report shall be included as a part of the Annual Report from the Tenant to the Commission.
Public Benefits. The Project shall provide the public benefits set forth in Exhibit “G” attached hereto. If any such public benefit is implemented by the developer of Lantana East, Developer shall be deemed to have satisfied its obligation with respect to such public benefit.
Public Benefits. The Project consists of five (5) phases of development on the Property. Four (4) of the phases will utilize the City’s Public Benefit Program for additional Height as permitted under Miami 21 (“Benefit Height”). Phases 1, 3, and 4 propose approximately three hundred thirty nine thousand two hundred eighty eight (339,288) square feet of Benefit Height each; Phase 5 will contain approximately two hundred forty two thousand and four hundred (242,400) square feet of Benefit Height. The fee per square foot of Benefit Height is seventeen dollars and eighty two cents ($17.82). Accordingly, the total estimated Public Benefits contribution to the City will be approximatelytwenty one million five hundred twenty six thousand five hundred and sixty dollars ($21,526,560). The exact amount of the Public Benefits contribution shall be calculated prior to the issuance of the first vertical building permit for each of the Phases 1, 3, 4 and 5 and shall be due at the time of construction of each respective phase. Rather than tendering direct payment to the City of Miami, the Developer shall design, permit and construct public improvements within the SAP area and its surroundings amounting to the required Public Benefits contribution pursuant to the Project plans, the traffic analysis prepared for the project by Xxxxxx Xxxx & Associates, dated August 15, 2014, and such improvements authorized by the City administration according to the SAP’s Public Benefit Program and Phasing Schedule attached hereto as Exhibit “G”. The City shall confirm that funds equivalent to the calculated Public Benefits contribution required for each phase have been or have been caused to be made on the project(s) listed in the SAP’s Public Benefit Program and Phasing Schedule, attached as Exhibit G, and that such project(s) are substantially complete prior to the City’s issuance of the first Certificate of Occupancy for the phase. Notwithstanding that Phase 2 of the Project is not included in the SAP’s Public Benefit Bonus Program, prior to the issuance of the first Certificate of Occupancy for Phase 1, the Developer shall record a Notice of Commencement and commence construction of a public riverwalk on Phase 2 of the Property. The Director of Planning and Zoning has the authority to shift projects and funds between phases or as approved by the respective permitting agencies so long as funds equivalent to the calculated Public Benefits contribution prorated for each phase has been made prior to the ...
Public Benefits. Settlor declares that it is Xxxxxxx's intent, as expressed herein, that because the Beneficiary is disabled and will be unable to maintain and support him/herself independently, the Trustee shall, in the exercise of its best judgment and fiduciary duty, seek support and maintenance for the Beneficiary from all available public resources, including, but not limited to, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, federal Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), as well as any other state and/or federal benefit or assistance programs for which the Beneficiary may be eligible. In making distributions to the Beneficiary for the Beneficiary’s special needs, as herein defined, the Trustee shall take into consideration the applicable resource limitations of the public benefit or assistance programs for which the Beneficiary is eligible.
Public Benefits. The applicants claim that the conduct to which these applications for authorisation relate creates numerous public benefits and no detriment. They have identified economic and social benefits of a general nature that emerge from the conduct for which they seek authorisation. These benefits have been outlined as:89 ◼ enhanced security of gas supply; ◼ the provision of gas to PAWA at a competitive price which in turn improves the competitiveness of PAWA customers; ◼ facilitation of smaller commercial ventures; ◼ facilitation of the development of secondary industry; ◼ improved prospects of serving currently unserved customers; and 85 Notes of meeting with applicants, 18 December 1998.