Public Benefits Sample Clauses

Public Benefits. This Agreement provides assurances that the Public Benefits identified below will be achieved and developed in accordance with the Applicable Rules and Project Approvals and with the terms of this Agreement and subject to the City’s Reserved Powers. The Project will provide Public Benefits to the City, including without limitation:
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Public Benefits. The following public benefits shall be provided:
Public Benefits. Development of the Project will result in significant public benefits, as more fully described hereinafter, including, without limitation:
Public Benefits. The Project will serve to redevelop an industrial site, will provide on-site infrastructure upgrades; and will provide additional housing opportunities to residents of the City. In addition, the Project will improve the City’s open space and recreational facilities by providing the following:
Public Benefits. Parties acknowledge that the Project is advancing the CRA, including but not limited to the policies and goals identified on pages 7 and 17 of the Conceptual Guide Plan. Parties agree that the proposed public benefit items in the Public Benefit Matrix, outlined in Exhibit C, are consistent with the SMC, Shoreline Comprehensive Plan, CRA, and Planned Action. The City will not request or require any additional public benefits as part of the Project so long as the application is consistent with the Agreement.
Public Benefits. 8 5.1 Developer to provide Public Benefits 8 6. ACHIEVEMENT OF SUSTAINABILITY COMMITMENTS/ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE INITIATIVES 8 6.1 Date of Achievement 8 6.2 Environmental Performance Initiatives 8 6.3 Non-completion of Public Benefits 9 7. INDEMNITY 10 8. DEFECTS LIABILITY 10
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Public Benefits. A central element of this Lease is the identification of and Tenant’s commitment to the ongoing provision of certain public benefits as described herein. In fulfillment of Tenant’s commitment, from and after the Date of Possession, Tenant shall operate or cause to be operated the Campus for the use set forth in Section 4.1 below and shall perform or ensure the provision of certain “Public Benefits ” during the Term of this Lease, all at no cost to Commission. The Public Benefits generally include but are not limited to the following: operation of the Campus as a Lifelong Learning Center open and accessible to the public; provision of services and programs consistent with such use; provision of facilities conducive to public enjoyment of the Campus as a Lifelong Learning Center; and provision of ancillary benefits to the Port Xxxxxxxx community resulting from such operation of the Campus. The Parties acknowledge that the scope and nature of Public Benefits may change as the Lifelong Learning Center matures. A Public Benefits Report shall be included as a part of the Annual Report from the Tenant to the Commission.
Public Benefits. The local government benefits when it negotiates agreements requiring developers to provide public infrastructure and facilities that are greater than what would otherwise be required. Such negotiations can not only provide infrastructure for the development covered by the DRRA but also spur future development in a priority area for growth—as was the case in Xxxx Arundel County’s Odenton Town Center. In Queen Xxxx’s County, the Four Seasons developer contributed above-and-beyond funding— although the contribution is seen by critics as a relatively small amount given the size of the project. The language in the legislation regarding above-and-beyond public benefits is not explicit. However, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, in an opinion filed February 3, 2017, held that a Xxxxxxxxx County DRRA (Xxxxxxxxxxx) “is void for lack of enhanced public benefits.” See Study Guide, p. 13, for more info. Smart Growth. DRRAs can be a valuable tool for local governments in encouraging new development in line with Smart Growth policies and in Priority Funding Areas (PFAs). The best example is the DRRA in Xxxx Arundel County. However, the expectation that DRRAs would be negotiated only for large, complex, infrastructure-intensive projects has only been fulfilled in a few cases. All Xxxxxxx County DRRAs were for smaller projects. Many Xxxxxxxxx XXXXx were for traditional residential projects; 6 of 14 were in PFAs.
Public Benefits. In consideration of, and in reliance on, City agreeing to the provisions of this Development Agreement, Developer will provide the public benefits (“Public Benefits”) described herein, which are over and above those dedications, conditions, and exactions required by laws or regulations. The Public Benefits include without limitation:
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