An Opinion Sample Clauses

An Opinion directed to Agent and the Lenders and issued by the counsel to the Borrowers and Guarantor (who must be an independent attorney-at-law licensed to practice in Pennsylvania) that (i) Borrowers and Guarantor are duly organized, validly existing, and in good standing in the state of such entity's formation and the Borrowers are authorized to do business in all jurisdictions where such authorization is required, (ii) each Borrower and Guarantor has the power to enter into the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and by the Loan Documents; (iii) the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and the Loan Documents do not violate any provision of any Organizational Document, or any other document known to such counsel, affecting any Borrower or Guarantor; (iv) the Loan Documents have been executed and delivered by, and constitute the valid and binding obligations of, Borrowers and Guarantor (to the extent executed thereby), enforceable in accordance with their terms, except as limited by applicable bankruptcy or other laws affecting creditor's rights generally; (v) the Facility and the repayment of the Indebtedness in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Line of Credit Notes and the Swing Line Note shall not violate any applicable usury laws; and (vi) such other matters relating to the transactions contemplated herein as Agent or Agent's counsel may reasonably request.
An Opinion of Counsel (a) to the effect that (i) the Securities of such Series, the Authorizing Resolution and the supplemental indenture (if any) relating thereto comply or will comply with the requirements of this Indenture and (ii) the Securities of such Series, when authenticated and delivered by the Authenticating Agent in accordance with the said Company Order, will constitute valid and binding obligations of the Company and enforceable in accordance with their terms, subject to (A) bankruptcy and other laws affecting creditors' rights generally as in effect from time to time, (B) limitations of generally applicable equitable principles and (C) other exceptions acceptable to the Trustee and its counsel; and (b) relating to such other matters as may reasonably be requested by the Trustee or its counsel; and
An Opinion. Letter of Buyer's counsel, dated as of the Closing Date
An Opinion of Borrower’s counsel as to (a) the proper formation, valid existence and good standing of Borrower and all Loan Parties, (b) the due authorization and execution of all Borrower Loan Documents and any Hedge Documents with Bank by Borrower and all Loan Parties,
An Opinion of Counsel that all instruments furnished the Trustee conform to the requirements of this Indenture, constitute sufficient authority under this Indenture for it to authenticate and deliver the Bonds applied for, that said Bonds when issued and delivered will be valid and duly secured by the lien of this Indenture, and that all laws and requirements in respect of the authentication and delivery thereof by the Trustee have been complied with.
An Opinion of Counsel executed by an attorney for Buyer substantially in the form of Exhibit "G"; 16.3.6 Evidence of compliance with all requirements, if any, of the states in which the Properties are located for the posting of plugging or other applicable bonds relating to the ownership or operation of the Properties; 16.3.7 The corporate guaranty and/or letter of credit referenced in Article 12.6; 16.3.8 The license agreement(s) referenced in Article 12.7; 16.3.9 The litigation letter agreement referenced in Article 10.6; 16.3.10 The transition agreement reference in Article 12.8; and 16.3.11 Such other instruments as necessary to carry out Buyer's obligations under this Agreement.
An Opinion. Letter from ISSUER'S Attorney attesting to the validity and condition of the ISSUER.
An Opinion relating to the due execution by a non-UK Guarantor of any guarantee referred to in paragraph 2 above addressed to the Bank in a form acceptable to the Bank (whose acceptance will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) by external legal counsel appointed by the relevant Guarantor.