Provider Personnel Sample Clauses

Provider Personnel. 1. The parties recognize that the primary value of the Provider to the Department derives directly from its Key Personnel assigned in the performance of this Agreement. Key Personnel are deemed to be those individuals whose résumés were offered by the Provider in the Proposal. Therefore, the parties agree that said Key Personnel shall be assigned in accordance with the time frames in the most recent mutually agreed upon project schedule and work plan, and that no re-deployment or replacement of any Key Personnel may be made without the prior written consent of the Agreement Administrator. Replacement of such personnel, if approved, shall be with personnel of equal or greater abilities and qualifications.
Provider Personnel. 7.1 The Provider shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the reliability and integrity of all Provider Personnel who have access to Personal Data and shall ensure that it takes all reasonable steps to ensure the reliability and integrity of any Provider Personnel who have access to the Personal Data and ensure that they:
Provider Personnel. (a) Dentist Personnel. Provider shall retain, as a Provider Expense ----------------- and not as a Clinic Expense, that number of dentists during the Term which are necessary and appropriate, in Provider's sole discretion after consultation with Service Company, to provide Dental Care to reasonably meet the demand therefor. Provider shall cause each dentist retained by Provider to hold and maintain a valid and unrestricted license to practice dentistry in the State of Wisconsin, including without limitation any licenses required for the provision of any specialty dental services, together with all necessary or appropriate board or other certifications. Throughout the Term, Provider shall enter into and maintain a written employment agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit D for all dentists now and hereafter employed by Provider; provided that Provider shall, throughout the Term, enter into and maintain a written employment agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit C with each dentist of Provider who now or hereafter is either an executive officer (at a level of vice president or above) of or Policy Board member designated by Provider; and provided further that Provider shall, immediately upon execution of this agreement, enter into and maintain a written employment agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit C with each of the dentists set forth on Exhibit E. Throughout the Term, Provider shall enter into and maintain a written agreement with each independent contractor retained by Provider, which agreements shall contain confidentiality provisions substantially similar to those contained in the employment agreement in the form of Exhibit D. Provider shall be responsible for paying the compensation and benefits as applicable, for all dentists and any other dentist personnel or other contracted or affiliated dentists, and for withholding all sums for income tax, unemployment insurance, social security, or any other withholding required by applicable law. Service Company may, on behalf of Provider, administer the compensation and benefits with respect to such individuals in accordance with the written agreement between Provider and each dentist. Service Company shall neither control nor direct any dentist in the performance of Dental Care for patients. Provider shall provide to Service Company evidence of such licensing, certifications, and other credentials of the dentists retained by Provider as Service Company may request from time to time.
Provider Personnel. (a) The Provider of any Service or access to any Facility shall make available to the Recipient of such Service or access to such Facility such personnel as may be reasonably necessary to provide such Service, in accordance with such Provider’s standard business practices. The Provider shall have the right to (i) designate which personnel it will assign to perform such Service, and (ii) remove and replace such personnel at any time.
Provider Personnel. “Provider Personnel” means all of the employees of Provider and Provider Affiliates who perform any Services. A Lending Fund may request, and Provider will furnish, a staffing plan regarding Provider Personnel for a Service at any time during the Term.
Provider Personnel. 3.1 The Provider shall take reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any employee, agent or contractor or Sub Processor who may have access to the Customer Personal Data, ensuring in each case that access is strictly limited to those individuals who need to know / access the relevant Customer Personal Data, as strictly necessary for the purposes of the Agreement, and to comply with Applicable Laws in the context of that individual’s duties to the Provider, ensuring that all such individuals are subject to confidentiality undertakings or professional or statutory obligations of confidentiality.
Provider Personnel a. Personnel files shall be maintained on all employees and volunteers/interns and shall contain the following:
Provider Personnel. Provider personnel who render services to Customer under this Agreement may render similar services for others during the term of this Agreement. Provider will make reasonable efforts to honor specific requests of Customer regarding assignment of Provider personnel, but Provider reserves the right to make and change all such assignments.