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Proposed Plan. 40 Prospectus..................................................................40
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Proposed Plan. A maximum of 12 months in research may be approved by the ABR to meet the requirements of the Alternate Pathway program. Please submit the details for ABR review. • Up to three years of radiation oncology residency may be counted. However, four years of radiation oncology residency does not qualify for the ABR Alternate Pathway, as that is the standard training pathway. • Intended to be a prospective four-year training plan. Candidates may only use up to two years of retrospective training. 4-YEAR PLAN START DATE (MM/DD/YY) END DATE (MM/DD/YY) POSITION SUBSPECIALTY ACADEMIC RANK (If applicable) First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Sponsoring Department Chair Signature Date
Proposed Plan. Life 2 X Annual Salary to age 70 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) 2 X annual salary Long Term Disability (LTD) No Coverage Extended Health & Dental Same as pre-65 coverage • ODB first payer • Annual $100 deductible in ODB plan paid for member only Sick Leave 18 days per year accruing at 1.5 days per month. Maximum accrued bank of 60 days. No payout gratuity. Top-Up Bank A nurse hired prior to January 1, 2000 who may have top-up bank entitlement, i.e. 10% of existing top-up bank will be paid out at age 65, based on the terms of the collective agreement
Proposed Plan. 1) Prior to the Share Exchange Agreement (hereinafter referred to SEA) being furnished by TENP to FTS, both parties require that they be extended a maximum of a 2 week period, of which no extension shall be granted by or to either party, to conduct a formal due diligence review of each entities corporate and financial records.
Proposed Plan. ● Establish CarbonMeta Research India as a Private Limited Company in Kerala, India with initial equity ownership as follows: ● 80% of the equity will be owned by CarbonMeta Technologies, Inc. ● 20% of the equity will be owned by Fermion Electric Private Limited. ● Establish CarbonMeta Research India as a research and development center: ● Microwave catalysis of waste plastics, natural gas, and other organic waste materialsCarbon dioxide (CO2) capture technologies using novel technologies and adsorbents. ● Development of new catalysts for catalysis, pyrolysis, and electrolysis ● Commercialize and patent technologies that were developed and licensed by CarbonMeta Technologies, Inc. or its subsidiaries ● Build and operate a pilot production facility and demonstration program for the extraction of hydrogen and carbon from plastics, natural gas, and other organic waste materials in India ● Develop and establish supply chain relationships with potential customers of hydrogen and carbon products ● Build a consortium of carbon and hydrogen distribution partners that can help a CarbonMeta subsidiary operate a profitable carbon and hydrogen production facility in India.
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Proposed Plan. The first two sentences of Part 11.1 of the Agreement are amended to read as follows:
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Proposed Plan. As per our discussions,  ’s (Student Name)   [indicate DEPT ###] research credits for this semester will entail the following: [ (e.g. data set, draft of chapter, sampling plan, IRB, lit review, manuscript, objectives of proposal)].
Proposed Plan. In addition, the REMIC Administrator shall (to the extent reasonably possible) advise the Special Servicer of the estimated amount of taxes that the Trust Fund would be required to pay with respect to each such source of income. After receiving the information described in the two preceding sentences from the REMIC Administrator, the Special Servicer shall either (A) implement the Proposed Plan (after acquiring the respective Mortgaged Property as REO Property) or (B) manage and operate such property in a manner that would not result in the imposition of an REO Tax on the income derived from such property. All of the REMIC Administrator's expenses (including any fees and expenses of counsel or other experts reasonably retained by it) incurred pursuant to this section shall be reimbursed to it from the Trust Fund in accordance with Section 10.01(f). The Special Servicer's decision as to how each REO Property shall be managed and operated shall be based on the Servicing Standard and in any case on the good faith and reasonable judgment of the Special Servicer as to which means would be in the best interest of the Certificateholders by maximizing (to the extent commercially feasible and consistent with Section 3.17(b)) the net after-tax REO Revenues received by the Trust Fund with respect to such property and, to the extent consistent with the foregoing, in the same manner as would prudent mortgage loan servicers and asset managers operating acquired mortgaged property comparable to the respective Mortgaged Property. Both the Special Servicer and the REMIC Administrator may, at the expense of the Trust Fund payable pursuant to Section 3.05(a)(xiii) consult with counsel.
Proposed Plan. The Record of Decision, Explanation of Significant Differences. The Record of Decision Amendment. EPA/540/G89/007, Office of Emergency and Remedial Response, Washington, DC (July). EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), 1996Final Guidance: Presumptive Response Strategy and Ex- Situ Treatment Technologies for Contaminated Ground Water at CERLA Sites. Directive 9283.1-12, EPA 540/R-96/023, PB96-963508, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, Washington, DC (October). Federal Facility Agreement (FFA), 1993. Federal Facility Agreement for the Savannah River Site, Administrative Docket Number 89-05-FF, Effective Date: August 16, 1993, WSRC-OS-94-42 WSRC 1993. RFI/RI Program Plan WSRC 1994. Phase II RCRA Facility Investigation/Remedial Investigation Work Plan for the C-Area Burning Rubble Pit (131-C). WSRC-RP-91-1122, Rev. 2, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Savannah River Site, Aiken SC. WSRC 1995. C-Area Burning Rubble Pit (131-C) Field Investigation Report (U). WSRC-RP-96-310, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC. WSRC.
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