Mortgage Loan definition

Mortgage Loan means a Mortgage Note secured by a Mortgage, and all amendments and modifications thereof, identified on the Mortgage Loan Schedule, as amended from time to time, provided that the term "Mortgage Loan" shall include any Defeasance Loan and any Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan (but shall not include any Non-Serviced Companion Mortgage Loan) but with respect to (i) any A/B Mortgage Loan, shall include the A Note (but shall not include the related B Note) and (ii) any Loan Pair, shall include the Serviced Pari Passu Mortgage Loan (but shall not include the related Serviced Companion Mortgage Loan).
Mortgage Loan means the mortgage loan made by Lender to Borrower in the principal amount of the Note made pursuant to the Loan Agreement, evidenced by the Note and secured by the Loan Documents that are expressly stated to be security for the Mortgage Loan.
Mortgage Loan means each of the mortgage loans, including Additional Balances for it, that are transferred to the Trust pursuant to Section 2.01(a) and (b) of the Sale and Servicing Agreement, together with all related Mortgage Files, exclusive of Mortgage Loans that are retransferred to the Depositor, the Master Servicer, or the Sponsor or purchased by the Master Servicer pursuant to Section 2.02, 2.04, 2.06, or 3.06 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement, held as a part of the Trust. The Mortgage Loans originally so held are identified in the Mortgage Loan Schedule delivered on the Closing Date. The Mortgage Loans shall also include any Eligible Substitute Mortgage Loan (as defined in the Sale and Servicing Agreement) substituted by the Sponsor for a defective Mortgage Loan pursuant to Sections 2.02 and 2.04 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

Examples of Mortgage Loan in a sentence

Current Value of Mortgage Loans in Pool in 'Mortgage Loan Profile' and 'Trust Asset' is different due to the 'Mortgage Loan Profile' value including the accrued interest over the reporting period.

For the purpose of comparing the “Spread Maintenance Begin Date” characteristic, the Depositor instructed us to use the first “Payment Due Date” which occurs during the spread maintenance period of the prepayment string, and to ignore any freely prepayable portion of the Mortgage Loan, as shown in the applicable Source Document(s).

For the purpose of this procedure, the Depositor instructed us to recalculate the “Mortgage Loan Annual Debt Service Payment” of the Mortgage Loan as twelve (12) times the “Mortgage Loan Monthly Debt Service Payment,” as shown on the Final Data File.

The principal balance of the Mortgage Loan and each Property as of the “Initial Maturity Date” of the Mortgage Loan (the “Mortgage Loan Maturity Balance”).We compared this information to the corresponding information on the Final Data File and found such information to be in agreement.

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Mortgage Loan means a mortgage loan originated in accordance with the Underwriting Guidelines which Custodian has been instructed to hold for Buyer pursuant to the Custodial and Disbursement Agreement including any Wet-Ink Mortgage Loan listed on a Transaction Request, and which Mortgage Loan includes, without limitation, (i) a Mortgage Note and related Mortgage, and (ii) all right, title and interest of Seller in and to the Mortgaged Property covered by such Mortgage.
Mortgage Loan means a financial obligation secured by a mortgage.
Mortgage Loan means any loan evidenced by a Mortgage Note and secured by a Mortgage and, if applicable, a Security Agreement.
Mortgage Loan means Mortgage loan as defined in Section 420.503, F.S.
Mortgage Loan means a residential real estate secured loan, including, without limitation: (a) a promissory note, any reformation thereof and related deed of trust (or mortgage) and security agreement; (b) all guaranties and insurance policies, including, without limitation, all mortgage and title insurance policies and all fire and extended coverage insurance policies and rights of the Company to return premiums or payments with respect thereto; and (c) all right, title and interest of the Company in the Property covered by said deed of trust (or mortgage).
Mortgage Loan means the mortgage loan made by Lender to the Borrower pursuant to the Mortgage Loan Documents with respect to the Project.
Mortgage Loan means any first lien, one-to-four-family residential mortgage loan evidenced by a Mortgage Note and secured by a Mortgage, which Mortgage Loan is subject to a Transaction hereunder, which in no event shall include any mortgage loan which (a) is subject to Section 226.32 of Regulation Z or any similar state law (relating to high interest rate credit/lending transactions), (b) includes any single premium credit, life or accident and health insurance or disability insurance, or (c) is a High Cost Mortgage Loan.