Proposed Use Sample Clauses

Proposed Use. The Bank shall have determined in its sole and absolute discretion that the requested Advance will not be used by the Borrower for any purpose not permitted by Section 5.1 hereof.
Proposed Use. The Developer intends to construct on the Property for a total of ERCs (the “Project”).
Proposed Use. The proposed use of the Leased Premises is not appropriate for the Building or in keeping with the character of the existing tenancies of the Building.
Proposed Use. Landlord has made no inquiries about and makes no representations (express or implied) concerning whether Tenant's proposed use of the Premises is permitted under applicable law, including applicable zoning law; should Tenant's proposed use be prohibited, Tenant shall be obligated to comply with applicable law and this Lease shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.
Proposed Use. The Sponsor will use the Licensed Space only for items and services approved by the WESTFIELD WELCOME Committee. Any brochure, handout, catalog, or price list that describes your product or service must be included with your Booth Info Sheet and must be approved for distribution by the WESTFIELD WELCOME Committee. This proposed use, pursuant to and in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and for no other purpose (the ''Permitted Use"). Sponsor will take all necessary action required to insure the safety of the participants, invitees, guests and the public attending the event, and will be solely liable for any damages or injuries, including death, that arise as a result of the Permitted Use of the Licensed Space. The Sponsor’s requirements for the preparation and setup of the Licensed Space as defined in the WESTFIELD WELCOME Booth Info Sheet (Schedule II), approved by the WESTFIELD WELCOME Committee, and attached to this agreement.
Proposed Use. The Vendor will use the Licensed Space only for items and services approved by the CUISINE.CONNECT.CULTURE Committee. Any brochure, handout, catalog, or price list that describes your product or service must be included with your application and must be approved for distribution by the CUISINE.CONNECT.
Proposed Use. As a part of the annexation agreement, a special use permit for an asphalt blending, storage and distribution facility is requested to facilitate the blending, storage and distribution of asphalt products used primarily in the construction of pavements. A variety of products would be stored in bulk tanks for distribution to road construction projects and portable hot mix asphalt plants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) closely monitors operation of asphalt blending and storage facilities for compliance with emission levels, and an operating permit is required. The facility will be substantially similar in operation to that of the Emulsicoat facility located at 705
Proposed Use. Property shall be used as: (Check One)► □ owner-occupied □ investment property □ renovated for resale to owner-occupant If first-time home buyer, check here ►□ If existing homeowner, identify plan for existing residence: Sales for owner occupancy shall be subject to a deed restriction pursuant to Section 13a requiring owner occupancy for a five-year period from the date of the deed. Sales for investment property shall be subject to a deed restriction pursuant to Section 13b requiring a holding period of five-years from the date of the deed.
Proposed Use. The existing residential development is not proposed to change in terms of the location, housing type, and number of existing parking spots. Therefore, the intensity of the existing residential use is not expected to increase. The proposed development contributes to the existing residential character by retaining the existing building. It provides more housing options, especially for more vulnerable groups by improving the livability of the residential units at a more affordable rate as compared to units within a total new build. This renovation would also enhance the accessibility of the building for all future tenants. Building Height The proposed building height is deemed to be reasonably consistent with the existing neighborhood for three primary reasons. Firstly, the proposed addition will increase the building height to 10.5 metres (34’4’’ feet), which does not exceed the maximum building height requirements of R-1 Zone. Secondly, the existing neighborhood contains a mix of housing types ranging from single-unit dwellings to low-rise apartment buildings. The majority of the lots surrounding the subject property are occupied by buildings of 2-3 storeys in height with pitched roofs. The proposed 4-storey building remains generally consistent with the neighborhood in terms of number of storeys. Finally, the subject property is at the bottom of a hill along St. Margarets Bay Road, which makes the main façade facing Birches Drive a 3.5-storey building in appearance. The nature of the topography further reduces the impact of the proposed 1-storey height increase. Minimum Setback According to policy 3.14(d), the minimum setback requirement for the proposed addition is calculated as the mean setback of the adjacent buildings. For the subject site, that would result in a setback of approximately 19 metres (62 feet), which is the mean setback of the adjacent buildings at 000 Xx. Xxxxxxxxx Xxx Xxxx and 00 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. The proposed new addition does not meet that setback requirements. However, staff advise there is merit to considering this addition to the existing residential building and neighborhood for the following reasons: • The addition provides an accessible entrance for all tenants and visitors; • The addition is set back further from the front property line than the existing building; • The proposed modern cladding and design of the addition is more aesthetically pleasing for the neighborhood; and • Its proposed location is the least visually impactf...
Proposed Use. The Demised Premises may be used by the Tenant for the operation of a rehabilitation center for persons, who are admitted by the Tenant at the age of 18 years or under, and who have attempted, threatened to commit, committed, or pose a risk of committing sexual offenses, acts, or crimes (hereinafter “Proposed Use”). Tenant may operate the Demised Premises for the Proposed Use, along with any such other uses which are necessary or incidental to the operation thereof. In the event Tenant desires to use the Demised Premises for a use other than the Proposed Use, or any use which is incidental or necessary thereto, then Tenant shall first obtain the written consent of the Landlord, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge and agree that nothing contained in this Lease shall obligate Tenant to operate continuously for business (or operate for business at all) at the Demised Premises, and the failure of Tenant to operate continuously for business (or operate any business at all) at the Demised Premises shall not be an Event of Default hereunder. Tenant shall comply with all rules, regulations, ordinances, and laws of any governmental authority which has jurisdiction over the Demised Premises of Tenant’s operation of the Demised Premises for the Proposed Use. Tenant acknowledges that Landlord may lease or rent other portions of the Commercial Park to other tenants, and will take such reasonable steps so as to ensure that it will not unreasonably interfere with the operations of said other tenants’ businesses. In the event that the Landlord gives written notice to the Tenant that the Tenant’s operations have unreasonably interfered or are interfering with Landlord’s other tenants in the Commercial Park, Tenant and Landlord will mutually agree on a course of action.