Xxxxxxxxxx County definition

Xxxxxxxxxx County means Xxxxxxxxxx County, Texas. Any reference in this Agreement to Xxxxxxxxxx County shall include the respective officers, agents, employees and departments of Xxxxxxxxxx County.
Xxxxxxxxxx County. County") is a Texas County that has agreed to participate in the District as authorized by Chapter 772 of the Health and Safety Code.
Xxxxxxxxxx County means the County of Xxxxxxxxxx, New York. “Municipalities” means, collectively, Xxxxxx County and Xxxxxxxxxx County. “Municipality” means, individually, Xxxxxx County and Xxxxxxxxxx County. “Project” means Regional Business Park Project.

Examples of Xxxxxxxxxx County in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxxxxx County reserves the right to retain any amounts that are due or that become due to a vendor in order to collect any inappropriately reimbursed expenses that a vendor was paid.

  • Invoices that do not adequately describe the goods or services provided to County or contain backup that is satisfactory to the Xxxxxxxxxx County Auditor will be returned to vendor for revisions and the provision above relating to invoice errors resolved in favor of the County shall control as to the required actions of vendor and when such invoice must be paid by the County.

  • The travel must be outside the Xxxxxxxxxx County, Texas line by a 50 mile radius.

  • Any mediation under this Agreement shall be conducted in Xxxxxxxxxx County, Texas.

  • Parties agree to submit to the exclusive venue and jurisdiction of the State of South Dakota, 7th Judicial Circuit, Xxxxxxxxxx County.

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Xxxxxxxxxx County. By: Printed: Position: Date: Clarity Ventures, Inc.: By: Printed: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Position: CEO Date: _04/20/2020
Xxxxxxxxxx County. By: Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xx. Xxxxxxxxxx County Judge Date Signed: , 20 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT OR ENGINEER: Name of Company: By:_ Printed Name: Title: Date Signed: , 20 LIST OF EXHIBITS Exhibit A - Services to be Provided by County Exhibit B - Services to be Provided by A/E Exhibit C - Fee Schedule / Hourly Rates Exhibit D - Preliminary Work Schedule Exhibit E - Insurance Requirements Exhibit F - Work Authorization Exhibit A SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED BY COUNTY County Services will be performed in accordance with the Phases of work as described in Attachment “A” of each Work Authorization. Exhibit B SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED BY A/E Detailed A/E services shall be defined in Attachment “B” of each Work Authorization. Exhibit C FEE SCHEDULE / HOURLY RATES A Lump Sum Amount and detailed Fee Schedule shall be defined in Attachment “C” of each Work Authorization. Prime Consultant and Subconsultant individual hourly rate schedules attached below: studio16:19, LLC – prime/ landscape architect Principal/ Landscape Architect $185.00 Associate Principal/ LA/ Project Manager $145.00 Senior Associate/ LA/ IR $115.00 Associate/ LA Designer $ 90.00 Staff Planner/ Designer $ 75.00 Administrative $ 65.00 WGI – civil engineer Chief Engineer $250.00 Project Manager $185.00 Engineer $140.00 Designer $100.00 Field Engineer $150.00 Xxxxxxx – structural engineer Principal $200.00 Senior Engineer $160.00 Professional Engineer $135.00 Graduate Engineer II $105.00 Graduate Engineer I $ 80.00 Designer $ 80.00 Construction Inspector $ 85.00 Estimator $ 60.00 Admin/ Clerical $ 60.00 WGI – electrical engineer (MEP) Project Manager $185.00 Principal Engineer $230.00 Project Engineer $150.00 Engineer in Training $100.00 Xxxxxxx – geotechnical engineer Project Manager $160.00 Professional Engineer $135.00 EIT Engineer $105.00 Lab Technician $ 52.00 Drilling Crew Lead $ 60.00 Drilling Assistant $ 52.00 Field Coordinator $ 60.00 Inland Geodetics – surveyor Project Manager $146.00 Registered Professional Licensed Surveyor (RPLS) $140.00 Senior Technician $102.00 Technician $ 98.00 Licensed State Land Surveyor (LSLS) $156.00 Admin/ Clerical $ 56.00 Xxx XxXxxxx Environmental Consultant Senior Environmental Planner $130.00 Environmental Planner IV $110.00 Environmental Scientist IV $ 95.00 Environmental Scientist III $ 85.00 Archeologist/ Biologist I $ 75.00 Senior Field Tech $ 0.00 Exhibit D PRELIMINARY WORK SCHDULE A detailed Work Schedule shall be defined in Attachment “D” of each Work Authorization. The sch...
Xxxxxxxxxx County. SERVICE PROVIDER: The Xxxxxx Companies, LLC ________________ Judge Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Xx. Name of Service Provider County Judge Date: , 20 Authorized Signatur Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Dir of Service & Controls Printed Name Date: March 30 , 20 23 Cooperative Purchasing Contract or Agreement (if applicable): 22/049MF-15 Exhibit “A” Quote/Proposal Personnel Level Hourly Rate – FY 23 & FY 24 (Date of Award 9/21/2022– 9/21/2024
Xxxxxxxxxx County. TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE: Authorized Signature Authorized Signature Xxx X. Xxxxxx, County Judge Xxx Xxxxxxxx Printed Name and Title Printed Name Date: , 20 Date: , 20
Xxxxxxxxxx County or “County” means Xxxxxxxxxx County, Pennsylvania.
Xxxxxxxxxx County means Xxxxxxxxxx County, Maryland, a municipal corporation.
Xxxxxxxxxx County. UPL” means the Xxxxxxxxxx County Medicaid supplemental payment program developed for the Affiliated Hospitals in Xxxxxxxxxx County pursuant to Texas Medicaid State Plan Amendment No. 05-011.